Tuesday, April 12, 2005

We got Sharper!!!

John Clayton of ESPN.com reports that Jamie Sharper is now a Seahawk!

The Seahawks beat out the Bengals and Jaguars to reach a five-year, $17.5 million agreement to sign the former Texans linebacker.

ESPN Story

This is great news!!!

The report also says that he is expected to play strong side OLB, which is, again, bad news for Chad Brown. He is already being asked to take a roughly 75% pay cut or be gone.



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  1. I think it's actually good news for Chad if he's staying and just getting his time reduced. I doubt they'll release him, he's still the second best LB on the team(bar none).

    And with less time on the field he's staying healthier, and will get more games in. So in my eyes it's a win win situation.

  2. Time To Sharpen Our Beaks And Look For Prey...

    I say we are officially better then Arizona now, too (no debate...and some of us were admittely intimidated by them)

    Sharper can play anywhere...so this gives us flexibility...we could pick up a MLB or an OLB in the draft...and definitely go after a DE in Round 1 (or maybe CB)

    Its weird though...as im not nuts over this signing...am I about to get hit with an anxiety attack? im like...whippty doo---this is supposed to be great news for us damnit

  3. I agree Vinny, with everything except one thing. I fChad Brown is healthy, I think he's still the best LB on the team, it's just that he never seems to be healthy.

    I too hope we find a way to keep him if possible, just don't see how it is with no money left under the cap. I hate to say it, but I think he's gone.

  4. Vinny - I mentioned it in another thread, and you said it perfectly...

    I think he is going to stay...now that Sharper is a lock, Brown knows he is getting cut...he probably waited...I mean think about it, take less money right now when Sharper isnt even a lock? He would take a cut for nothing, really...

    now he has to...and I think he will...if not, he will be a Steeler again next year

    1 million is a lot of money...I would accept less then that to play for Seattle...

  5. ADP,
    Trouble is, while I agree with your logic behind Brown waiting to see what Sharper will do before saying yes to a pay cut, if he is cut outright he can probablt make more than 1 mil this next year somewhere else. Although with his injury history, probably not alot more.

  6. its more of a 'what he wants' subject Monkey...

    you could look at it this way too: he is 35...why move somewhere else now? not to make him sound elderly, but wouldnt he be too tired to move around?

    im curious of where this is going..

    WILD CARD: Bobby Taylor...do we really need to cut him? arent we a little short in CB depth? old or not, at his best, he is still good for depth...maybe he would take a paycut?

    all our points have been valid so far...so at least we know we're smart when we want to be

  7. I'm thinking Ruskell is a genius:

    Hartwell - 4 yrs, $26 million, $8 million bonus

    Sharper - 5 yrs, $17.5 million, $1.5 milion bonus

    Now, who do you think is a better deal?

  8. AWESOME point Blue...

    I never even thought to compare those...we got a bargain compared to Atlanta...

    Seattle Patriots, anyone? (without the whiny hypocritical Boston fans)

  9. Gotta agree Bluefoot, looks like we got a steal and I believe the better of the two players. Damn, this offseason has just taken a huge upswing.

    Pass me some more of that kool-aid Ruskell I'm lovin it!

  10. I agree bluefoot I was never that impressed with Heartwell,at least for the money he wanted.I think Chad is all but gone,he will be
    a Steeler or a Patiot by next year.
    Taylor will be cut after June first.

  11. a lot of people say we have a lot of 'me first' players...and although its true for a lot of teams...

    we are fortunate enough to not have any player wanting a raise (ala Terrell Owens) and holding out until they get one (Mike McKenzie)...seems like those kind of players have been popping up alot lately

  12. DAMMIT!!! I knew this news would break as soon as I left work!!

    I'm SOOOOO Happy to have finally won one of these bidding wars, and I think this was the guy we had our eye on for awhile.


  13. Great point about Hartwell V Sharper Blue. Consider this too. Sharper has already stepped out of Ray Lewis' shadow and proved he could still be dominant with the Texans. Hartwell still needs to prove he can play without big Ray on the other side.

  14. So is it too early to start wondering if Ruskell can pull another rabbit out of the hat and land Dyson, who is still available?

  15. So, I wonder how THIS "Marvin-to-Jamie" call went.

    Jamie: "Hello, Marvin, I did what you said and evaluated my opportunities at each team, and not just the money"

    Marvin: Great, so when you coming in to sign the papers.

    Jamie: "Uh, Marvin, in case you haven't noticed, you're coaching the Bengals, and man, I need to go somewhere where I can WIN"

    Marvin: "But what about your family, we're so much closer?"

    Jamie" "Uh, Marvin, do you realize that Cincinnati is in OHIO, which is not exactly the garden spot of the USA...I mean, people from Cleveland look down on people from Cincinnati...that's low man"

    Marvin: "But Jamie, what about our history, our bond, our heart-to-heart talks?"

    Jamie: "You said it best bro, it's better to talk Marvin-to-Jamie than Coach-to-Player".

    Marvin: "See you later"

    Jamie: "Yea, I'll leave you some tickets to the Superbowl!"

  16. I still couldn't read the article connected to the link so I copied the info from another source. I'll paste it here so that if you want Bluefoot, you can cut and paste it onto the main article while the links server is flooded. If you want you can delete this comment after.

    The Seahawks beat out the Bengals and Jaguars to reach a five-year, $17.5 million agreement to sign former Texans linebacker Jamie Sharper, considered one of the best players still available.

    Sharper, who will get a $1.5 million signing bonus, visited the Seahawks last Thursday and Friday but left without a deal and was in serious discussions with the Bengals. When he was with the Ravens as defensive coordinator, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis coached Sharper. In the end, Sharper decided the money and opportunity to play in Seattle were the best. For the Seahawks, Sharper is expected to play strong-side linebacker even though he also has the ability to help them at middle. There are plenty of openings at linebacker. Outside linebacker Anthony Simmons was released. Middle linebacker Orlando Huff signed a four-year deal with the Cardinals. The Seahawks are asking outside linebacker Chad Brown to take a $3.2 million pay cut from his $4.2 million salary, and if he doesn't accept he may also be cut. The 30-year-old Sharper has never missed a game since coming into the NFL with the Ravens in 1997. He's had four consecutive 100-plus tackle seasons and has 831 total tackles during his nine-year NFL career.

  17. Otherwise just ignore it. I guess it's not hurting anything. Whatever. I'd still like to see the picture you picked out for this post though, I still cannot see it.

  18. Did you catch this in the PI?

    "If Sharper's choice is not the Seahawks, it's not for a lack of trying. The club didn't miss a recruiting trick during his visit. After being taken to dinner in a limousine Thursday night, Sharper toured Qwest Field on Friday morning. As he entered the stadium, his image was projected on the scoreboard screen, and he was greeted with piped-in crowd noise -- including chants of "Ja-mie, Ja-mie, Ja-mie."

    Gotta love the new front office!

  19. Monkey, try deleting your browser cache. Maybe you d/l'd a corrupted file and now it's reading over and over in local memory.