Monday, April 04, 2005

T.J. Hunter

No, this isn't a remake of the old TV series starring ex-NFL-er Fred Dryer, this title stands for Tackle Job Hunter!

Today's featured weight-lifter on is Wayne Hunter, reported to be the strongest man on the team, and one who has his mind set on being the starting Right Tackle this season.

"One big thing is having the coaches know you're here working out, letting them see your face every day, and having the extra momentum with the extra workouts," says Hunter. "It's going to be a real fight, and I'm also getting into the playbook more so I know it second-hand and don't get any mental mistakes."

Sounds like just the kind of attitude that Team Ruskell is trying to permeate throughout the squad.

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Although given his alma mater, I probably should have gone with a Magnum P.I. theme!


  1. too bad he is the only Seahawk I dislike

    he was always a bust on my video game franchises on ESPN...and he hasnt necessarily proven otherwise in real life, either...

    Mark Henry was the strongest man in the world, but he didn't make a great wrestler (oh yeah, a schoolish on fire today)

  2. Whe the Hawks drafted Hunter they said that he was a project guy. Apparently what they meant is that he has all the size and strength necessary, just not the skills, otherwise you would think that the "strongest guy on the team" could earn a starting spot over pathetic Chris Gray.
    I just don't understand what the Hawks have been doing the last few years, drafting linmen in the third round that can't seem to beat out old undersized never was any good except as a versatile backup Chris Gray. I just don't get it. How many picks do we have to waste on lineman before we get one that's better than our worst lineman?

  3. C'mon Monkey, use your' head, they got the linement they did because they had to build a defense with their top picks. How hard is that to figure out. And when they did use thier top pick teyy got a stud....does the name Steve Hutchinson mean anything?


  4. ADP, this isn't a video game, when has he had a chance to prove himself. Do you know what the term 'project player' means?