Monday, April 04, 2005

Is this a Gray Day?

From the last paragraph in an article by John Crumpacker (I kid you not!) in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Briefly: Nolan said guard Chris Gray, a prospective free agent, is staying in Seattle after testing the market. Gray would have been a starter with the 49ers. ... Nolan said he might look to sign free agents after the annual salary-dumping by NFL teams June 1.

Does this mean he's going to re-sign with the Seahawks?
Does this mean he's going to backup Pork Chop?
Or does this mean that Pork Chop will be moved to Right Tackle?

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"!


  1. I think Porkchop will be moved to Tackle

    this sucks for Locklear

  2. Does this really mean that Pork Chop at right tackle and Gray at RG are a better combo than Pork at RG and Locklear or Hunter at RT?
    I just can't believe that's true, Gray ahs been the weakest link on this line for years, he sucks outright. If it's true that he's a better option than using Locklear or Hunter than what does that say about them? I'd say they were officially blown picks. Also why in the world did we let go of Terry? Wouldn't Terry RT and Pork Chop Rg be a much better combo.

  3. Terry was released because of his character...

    I personally think Locklear would be a better risk then Gray, but if the Seahawks are resigning Gray, they must not feel the same way as we do

    Gray would definitely start for SF, so if he signs with us, he must be under the impression that he will start

    once again...this sucks for Locklear :(

  4. this could cheer you guys up...

    "It's a cynical slap at Mexican fans, assuming they're so dumb they don't even know they're getting two doggy teams.''

    --'s Paul Zimmerman, on the scintillating Cards-Niners regular-season matchup in Mexico City, scheduled for October.

    I hope his assessment of the Cardinals being a 'doggy team' is right...

  5. I figured since Gray was one of the "classless acts" that the Seahawks are trying to let go in improving the overall character of the team, this thread would be the best place to post this quote:

    Former Seahawks DLE Chike Okeafor's old teammates didn't take too kindly to his comments after signing with the Cardinals that there weren't enough players on the Seattle roster who shared his day-to-day passion for the game. But sources close to the team believe that there was a ring of truth to Okeafor's words – and that the team could definitely use an attitude adjustment this coming season.

    I think the adjustment is coming, you?

  6. its hard to tell who else Ruskell will go after on our team...he releases Simmons, but keeps K Rob? releases Terry but keep Stevens? who knows what could happen next

    if I were a Seahawk PLAYER (im a Seahawk at heart) I would be pooping myself right now, unsure of how many days I have left with a job

  7. This signing is nothing more than a $700k insurance policy. This will push the younger linemen into competing with Gray for the starting spot. If they beat him (and they should) all the better. If they don't, then we would have been worse off without Gray.

    And the way I read the "SF was offering a starting position" quote was that maybe Gray was happier being a backup on the Seahawks, and seeing something through to completion, than starting for a club that's going nowhere fast.

  8. but Nolan said the 49ers will win the division!


  9. Alba's the only guy on this thread that's got a clue about what this team is doing. He summed it up perfectly. Gray is valuable as an experienced plug-in guy, should Hunter & Locklear not pan out, and incase something happens to Tobeck or Womack. Experience is important on the O-line.

    And personally I think it was the combo of Gray and Terry that was the problem on the right side. Who knows with Womack at the RT spot?

  10. It's not that I doubt Gray's skill, although I think we could do better, it's that Gray has been rumored to be the exact opposite of the character guy that we're looking for.

  11. Those rumors must be false, or they wouldn't have committed two more years to him:

    From the Trib: Guard Chris Gray’s new contract with the Seahawks is similar to the two-year, nearly $1.8 million deal signed by center Robbie Tobeck late last week. The Seahawks have not announced Gray’s deal because they have yet to receive a signed copy of the contract. …