Monday, April 11, 2005

Whos The Sharper Of The Two?

's Lane Adkins reports that former Texans linebacker Jamie Sharper has narrowed his choice of new teams to the Seattle Seahawks and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bye Jacksonville, Cleveland, Minnesota, Baltimore, and Dallas

its down to us and Cincy...they screw me over on video games, so it wouldnt surprise me here...although I know its a completely different story

this should be interesting, as he is torn between us...since we offered more, then im guessing he would rather be on their team, but the offer is a little short...

just an update!


  1. It's ALWAYS about the money, especially when they say "it's not about the money"!

    If it weren't about the money, he'd be holding a press conference in Cincinnati already.

    For once, I'm HAPPY it's about the money, since hopefully that means he'll take our deal.

  2. If he signs w/ Seattle he won't have to wear the 'Fredrick's of Hollywood' unis -- I wonder if he's thought of that?

  3. Payroll - hope you don't mind me adding some graphics to your post. I'm a real "visual" guy and that broken link icon was driving me nuts!!!

  4. "for once I'm happy it's about money"

    that's just what I was thinking alba, it's a bit strange to be on the side offering more money for a change.

    BTW, I still love the little teapot.

    "Frederick's of Hollywood uni's" LOL! That's a great description of those uniforms, though when you mentioned that, it brought back to me the fact that I still miss our old uni's, I really don't like the ones we have now. I just can't get used to them, I see old pictures of seahawks and I wish we would have just updated them rather than changing so much. *sigh* oh well, can't have everything I want.

  5. the uniforms look a little messy on tv...but when I got mine with my name on it (Dakota) was awesome up close...

    has a silveryness to it...metallic blue?

    Alba - I dont mind, im too lazy to mess around with pictures...the broken link annoyed me too...every thread I made before that didnt have a broken link after I posted...i thought that was weird

    as for Sharper...I disagree to an extent...I could be offered Alex Rodriguez's contract, and I wouldnt even consider working for the Rams...I pick favorites...if The Seahawks or Panthers or Jets were after me, I would take less to work for them, because I like them more

    its about favorites for me...

    however, that was a good point about him holding a press conference with the Bengals by now

  6. obviously, there is the "its a different situation when the money is in your face"...but I really stick to my principles...and I wouldnt budge on anything, especially if it makes me a only get a once in a lifetime chance to play for a team you love...and with Seattle...I would take money off their offer just to help them

  7. I'm with you A, I think when you make millions like these guys do, you can afford to be picky, and play for a Team you love, or a Coach you admire, or a City or Area that you like.

    It's 'NOT' ALWAYS about the $.