Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mysterious LB Juggling

Maybe this is nothing, but it makes me wonder.

I was just noticing on the Seahawks.com's official depth chart, D.D. Lewis has usurped Niko Koutouvides as starting MLB. Tracy White is now starting on the outside in place of D.D., and Chad Brown continues to start as the opposite OLB.

This could just be a reflection of Niko's injury status, but it still seems a little odd to me. If he is expected to recover before any real action starts, why change the depth chart? Wistrom and Trufant are also listed as injured, as well as several offensive players, but they still continue to enjoy their starting status.

What do you make of it? Do you think that this could be an actual reflection of the current favorites?

P.S. Maybe they saw Niko's video spots from his days in Purdue. ;)


  1. Blue, you're the best! This gives me a great idea for posting on other sites with threads back to my Niko site, oh the controversy I can stir mwahhahaha! You gotta give me a link to your source though, where did you see these changes? because I've got three sources that as of three days ago all said that Niko was being given the starting nod.

    Ohhhh this is gonna be cool and really drive up the visits to my NIko site! You the man Bluefoot! Oh and thanks for posting the link to my vids, very cool!

  2. You know, it sure would make reading my comments alot easier if I could BLOODY TYPE!
    ANyway there will now soon be a new post to follow.

  3. Dude, I posted the source and link. Just click.

  4. Oh I see what you did, dude, I hate to break it to you, but that is a VERY old depth chart. The injury status was from the Rams game in the playoffs. I thought that you had a new source and I wanted to see that.
    Still great post though, I like the links to my Niko site. But that's really old info pal.

  5. Check again-- Bentley is on there. How do you explain that? Not to metion, DD was on IR, so he wouldn't even sniff at being the starter.

    Are you OK this morning, monkey?

  6. Darby and Fisher are on there, too.

  7. This new comments thing is cool. I suppose I'll be needing the codes for that so I can add it to my BOulware and Niko sites.

    You're right about the new players being added, but the injury status is from the playoff game against the Rams. Sorry about the frantic (Vinny like) comments, I was in a huge hurry and was interrupted several times and so was in frantic mode. I have let the bad air out good air in and am now much calmer.

  8. Maybe the injury report is pld, but it appears the depth chart is somewhat current.

    I was under the impression that Niko was THE starter after he beat out Huff last season, and that D.D., when he came back, was on the outside. This is the first time I've seen this in the roster. I wonder what's up?

  9. I don't know, but believe me I plan on finding out. Monkey will get to the bottom of this!

    I also plan on typing out the info form those three sources that all said that Niko would be the starter, (those are the sources that led me to making that audible post). I will post them here later and probably spark debate about them on some other blogs so they can come visit us here.

  10. The answer to the query is just what I said months ago.....D.D.'s the best LB we have behind Brown.

    Though I don't see how they can have a depth chart out without having seen anyone play yet.

    It's alll just someone's speculation, I doubt they get their info from the team, it's probably just someone's opinion of who's starting at what possition.

    'Course I could be wrong.

  11. oops, that should say "...best LB we have behind Brown and White.(though I actually think Lewis is better than White)

  12. Vinny, look again. It's the Seahawks' offical published depth chart, not someone's speculation.