Sunday, April 03, 2005


According to this article on, Mike Nolan has some pretty high aspirations for the 2-14 team he inherited in San Francisco.

In team meetings at minicamp this weekend, Nolan announced a lofty goal for the upcoming season. He expects the 49ers, who went 2-14 last season, to win the NFC West. Nolan underlined his point with a visual aid: three large targets, each featuring the name of a division rival. Seattle, St. Louis and Arizona were all crossed out.

I'm not sure what drugs he's been taking, or if he's spending too much time down at BalCo, but the NFC West Championship is ours, and we're sure as hell not going to let the 49ers, or anyone else take it from us!

Nolan's challenge to "take control of the division" was welcomed by his players, who struggled for motivation under coach Dennis Erickson last season. Nolan used a film clip from Billy Crystal's "City Slickers" to illustrate the importance of teamwork.

Billy Crystal refused to comment publicly, but unnamed sources say that when he was told he was quoted by Mike Nolan, Crystal replied "Who?" When told that Mike Nolan was the new coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Crystal had no further comment, but his reaction was caught on film by paparazzi.

The only similarities between City Slickers and the 49ers is that like Crystal's character in the movie, Mike Nolan seems to be up to his elbows in Bull Sh*t!

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  1. you know, last year I preditced the 49ers would be the worst team overall, record wise and SKILL WISE (something fans and experts decline to look at) other 'fans' and 'experts' thought they would be THAT bad...and look at them

    I wont make a prediction yet, but as of now, they are still the worst team in football

    this 'speech' coming from a team getting whipped by us 30-something to nothing...

    HAR FREAKING HAR (still pissed about MSU and my remote...see Matt Hasselbeck thread)