Sunday, April 03, 2005

He could cut it here!

According to todays Seattle P-I, "The Seahawks weren't that interested in Jamie Sharper when the Houston Texans were trying to trade the veteran linebacker. That changed yesterday, when Sharper was released.

The Seahawks immediately inquired about the possibility of having Sharper in for a visit.

Sharper, 30, started 48 games at middle linebacker for the Texans the past three seasons after being acquired in the expansion draft. He played the first five seasons of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, who selected him in the second round of the 1997 draft."

If we could find a way to restructure some salaries, ie. Chad Brown's, the Hawks would be foolish not to pursue a guy like Sharper who is rarely hurt and is still in his prime at age 30. Ruskell's policy of patience seems to be the right way to do it. Had we jumped in and tried to trade for this guy, we would have only been out a player, now however, we have a chance to get him without losing anyone.

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  1. After being jilted by ANOTHER former Raven Linebacker, I'm hesistant to get my hopes up.

    Oh, what the hell...

    ....Sharper, Sharper, SHARPER!