Sunday, April 03, 2005

Meet the "Little Ruskells"

This piece was written by one of the subscribers on the PI Fan Forum for, and at his request, and since I love the creativity of the title, I've posted a link to it here.

Meet Joe “Alfalfa” Jurevicius, Chartric “Froggy” Darby, Joe “Stymie” Tafoya, Bryce “Butch” Fisher and Kelly “Woim” Herndon in this decent comparison of the classic characters of "Our Gang" to the recent Seahawks acquired under our new President/GM.

All that's missing is someone to play Darla, and if it's SeaGal JoAnna, well then I'll volunteer to play SpankMe...errr...I mean Spanky!


  1. I think that the guy who wrote the article is a little misinformed or optimistic if he actually believes that Darby and apparently all the others, were brought here to start. Fisher, Herndon and Jurivicius are the only ones with any realistic shots at starting and even then nothing is guaranteed. If Bobby Taylor were to play like he did two seasons ago, and return to full health then Herndon becomes a nickel CB at best. Fisher will likely be bumped out of any possible starting role by the guy we take first in the draft, MATT ROTH!!! Darby has a snowball's chance in hell to start, though he will likely rotate in often enough. Vicius will likely be the #4 reciever at least at first, (though I am banking on him ending up #2 or #3 before season's end.
    Anyway, you get my point, the article was cute but not very informed IMHO.

    BTW, no matter how many times we post pics of JoAnna I will always go look. I can't believe what a dork I am, I knew which pic you had there, heck I posted it myself just yesterday and I still went and looked again. WOW she's HOT!!!

    Music interlude, JoAaaana, I loooove you. You are the one, the one for meee.
    Sorry, I'll stop now. I can't remember who sang that horrible song, but it pops in my head every time I look at her pic (for some odd reason).

  2. Monkey,

    I am the author of this article. I take it by your comments you didn't like my article, you should have just come out and said that man.

  3. T-Money- don't take it personally. That's what we do here. We post. We read. We comment. It's not that he didn't LIKE your article, it's just a difference in opinion.

    Don't sulk. Defend your position!

    That's what makes this country great...the ability to formulate an opinion,and then defend it to the death!!!

  4. our Country is great, but the people completely suck

  5. When they're young, hot and of the opposite sex, it's kind of nice that they suck!

  6. yeah im not as patriotic as most people...its hard to believe how naiive people are in our gullable its annoying

    (see wrestling...the guy Randy Orton for example...they push him to the top like hes a great talent, the crowd buys it, ignoring the fact that he is the worst skilled ex-World Champ of all time [im serious[) he is from St. Louis!