Sunday, April 03, 2005

Do you know this man?

This man is:
A. Vinny Hawkalugi
B. the next big winner on American Idol
C. the future backup QB for the Seattle Seahawks

If you answered C you may be right.

This is Gibran Hamdan, who was recently acquired by the Seahawks from the Redskins.


The starting QB for the Amsterdam Admirals.


The guy who just lead the Admirals to two 4th quarter TDs to beat the Rhein Fire 24-14 in the opening game of NFL Europe. Hamdan was an efficient 12 for 19 for 187 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs, compiling a QB rating of 103.8 with a 9.8 yrds/comp average. (Game Summary)

One game doesn't make a career, but he could very well follow the Kitna road by paying his dues "over there" and coming back to be a contributing factor to the team.

I know it's NFL Europe, but with a few Seahawks on teams over there, maybe we should keep an eye on them as they progress through the season?


  1. Actually I have alread read that article about him and a few other things as well. We do have a couple guys over there and it is interesting to a dork like me to see how those guys fare. I personally do not have the time to do an NFL Europe Seahawks players thread but I would love to see one. I think it's a very good idea.

  2. If I hadn't already seen his picture, I might have been tempted to guess A, Vinny Hawkalugi LOL!