Sunday, April 03, 2005

Who are your Top Five Favorite Seahawks?

I saw that they were doing this on another site (which shall remain nameless) and I liked the idea. If it proves to be stupid I'll delete it. Otherwise, I will add up the votes 5pts. for first place 4pts. for second etc...

Just to let you know, mine are
1. Steve Hutchinson
2. Matt Hasselbeck
3. Shaun Alexander
4. Michael Boulware
5. Ken Hamlin

I put these pictures on this post because, well...if you can't figure out why I put these pictures on here I shouldn't have to explain it.


  1. 1. Shaun Alexander
    2. Marcus Trufant
    3. Bobby Engram
    4. Ken Hamlin
    5. Darrell Jackson

    Matt Hasselbeck
    Michael Boulware
    Maurice Morris

    There are no Seahawks I hate, so its hard to pick the favorites (though I dislike Wayne Hunter)

    Mack Strong fell out of the group when he said he can't stand grunge

  2. This was actually very hard for me. But here's what I came up with

    1. Shaun Alexander
    2. Michael Boulware
    3. Ken Hamlin
    4. Mack Strong
    5. Marcus Trufant

    It was so hard thinking where to put people. I left off some great Hawks, Bobby Engram, Steve Hutchinson, Robbie Tobeck, Matt Hasslebeck... Wow that was tough.

  3. I have so much respect for Bobby Engram, I always thought that when the commentators said 'that about sums the Seahawks' season up' when he dropped the game tying pass...its was unfair...he has been very consistent

    I think he is one of the best Slot Receivers in this generation...and until Randel El blew up last year, I thought he was the best Slot in the NFL...

  4. Let's see, I don't really dislike any Hawks, so here's my list:

    1. Matt Hasslebeck (I actually had a dream I met him last night, lol)
    2. Bobby Engram
    3. Ken Hamlin
    4. Mack Strong
    5. Waltar Jones

  5. 1. Matt Hasslebeck - he's got the "blue collar" mentality
    2. Robbie Tobeck - love his sense of humor and workman like attitude
    3. Chad Brown - he's got two speeds, FULL and FASTER! Love the way he plays the game with wild abandon. (honorable mention for running and exotic pet business on the side)
    4. Marcus Trufant - great attitude and vicious hitter
    5. Ken Hamlin - same as Tru
    6. the chick featured with this article!

  6. make that chickS - plural - since Monkey added the second picture!

  7. Matt(Leader coming into his own)
    Hutch(Too much instant impact to ignore)
    Engram(the clutch)
    Strong(who care what music he likes, I agree, the grunge thing is getting old)
    Hamlin(Easley clone?)

  8. 1. Matt
    2. Chad
    3. Mike Boulware
    4. Ken Hamlin
    5. Grant

  9. I don't really care for any pro sports players, much less any Seahawks, as I know none of them personally, but if I did, here's who they would be:

    5. Josh Brown
    4. Urban
    3. Chad Brown
    2. Strong
    1. Hasselbeck

  10. Top 5 favorite 'Hawks

    5. Mike Reinfelt (who says we must restrict this to players?)
    4. Jereme Urban (gotta love the blue collar work ethick)
    3. Reggie Evans (well, he's not really a Seahawk, but I bet if he was he'd be a kick ass D-end!)
    2. David Pollack (also not a Seahawk....yet!)
    1. Micheal Boulware (of anybody on the roster, he may be the single one that is pure and simple a football player, I can elaborate if you don't understand what I mean).

    Top 5 least favorite 'Hawks

    5. Antonio "Overpaid and underplayed" Cochran
    4. Jeremy "I spend more time in jail than in practice" Stevens
    3. Koren "the roach clip grip" Robinson.
    2. Bob "thank God I'm no longer employed there" Whitsitt.
    1. Jeremy "I suck so goddamn bad I belong on this list twice" Stevens.

  11. check, I oculdn't agree more with you about Boulware, that's why I adopted him. You should really check (pun intended) out the adopt a Seahawk link to the Boulware site. I think you'll like it!
    Heck, if I had known you liked him so darn much, I would have let you adopt him.

  12. My Top Five are:

    1. Mike Holmgren
    2. Ray Rhodes
    3. Matt Hasselbeck
    4. Shaun Alexander
    5. Mack Strong

  13. Over at the P-I where I posted this same topic with a link to this thread, the voting went like this,
    1. Hasselbeck 99 1/2 points
    2. Hamlin 58
    3. Hutchinson 47
    4. Boulware 46 1/2
    5. Trufant 45
    6. Strong 37
    7. Alexander 33 1/2
    8. C Brown 30
    9. W Jones 26
    10. Engram 16