Sunday, April 03, 2005

What our draft could look like realistically

Here's a look at some players who might realistically be around when we pick. There are some terrific players in this list, it will be fascinating to see what direction Ruskell and Co. take this draft.

1. Defensive End

This is where I would start if it were up to me. This is one of the deeepest DE drafts I can remember with several very good pass rushers. My personal favorite is Matt Roth he would be my #1 pick if I were Ruskell. Here's something I found in a magazine article about him, thought you'd enjoy this. "Roth is regarded as one of the premier pass rushers in the collegiate ranks and one of the toughest players in the country. He is a blue-chip prospect with a blue-collar work ethic. Roth is a colorful character who plays the game as if he is on a "search and destroy" mission."

"Even in practices, the coaches have to pray he stays under control. They will generally blow the whistle early on plays, so Roth does not hurt any of the offensive players. There are times when he plays with such intensity in practices that the coaches must sit him down...."

"2004 -- Suffered a left arm contusion on the first play of the Capital One Bowl matchup vs. Louisiana State. When the arm started to swell, the coaches urged him to leave the field to get it examined, Roth merely said, "I'm not coming out for this."

David Pollack, DE Georgia - Round 1
Matt Roth, DE Iowa - Round 1 (my personal favorite)
DeMarcus Ware, DE Troy St. - Round 1
Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma - Round 1
Justin Tuck, DE Notre Dame - Round 2
Bill Swancutt, DE Oregon State - Round 3
Ryan Riddle, DE Cal - Round 3 / 4
Jonathan Jackson, DE - Oklahoma Round 4

2. Outside Linebacker

IMO there's no one here who is worth a first round pick, I'd rather go after a DE like Pollack or Roth, much better value, then come back in the second and take someone like Burnett or Shazor, both of whom will likely be good NFL players one day.

Darryl Blackstock, OLB Virginia - Round 1
Kevin Burnett, OLB Tennessee - Round 2
Ernest Shazor, S/OLB Michigan - Round 2
Michael Boley, OLB Southern Miss - Round 2 / 3
Leroy Hill, OLB Clemson - Round 3
Rian Wallace, OLB Temple - Round 4

3. Receiver

Not necessarily a big need after signing Jurevicius, but just never know what K Drop will do this year, will he finally pull it together? Plus, Engram isn't a young guy anymore.

Mark Clayton, WR Oklahoma - Round 1
Roddy White, WR UAB - Round 1
Reggie Brown, WR Georgia - Round 2
Terrance Murphy, WR Texas A&M - Round 2
Chris Henry, WR West Virginia - Round 2
Fred Gibson, WR Georgia - Round 2
Brandon Jones, WR Oklahoma - Round 3
Courtney Roby, WR Indiana - Round 3
Mark Bradley, WR Oklahoma - Round 3
Jerome Mathis, WR Hampton - Round 3
Roscoe Parrish, WR Miami - Round 3
Taylor Stubblefield, WR Purdue - Round 4

4. Center

I think the right time to start grooming a center is NOW. There are several guys here who would give us good value, I like Incognito for value (and for the name).

David Baas, C/G Michigan - Round 2
Chris Spencer, C Ole Miss - Round 2
Ben Wilkerson, C LSU - Round 2 / 3
Vince Carter, C Oklahoma - Round 3
Jason Brown, C North Carolina - Round 4
Richie Incognito, Nebraska - Round 4 / 5

5. Cornerback

Can Herndon be the guy? I wouldn't put too much money on it, and besides, in the pass happy NFC West can you really have too many good CB's? Some of these guys might slip a bit too giving even better value here.

Justin Miller, CB Clemson - Round 1
Marlin Jackson, CB Michigan - Round 1
Corey Webster, CB LSU - Round 1
Fabian Washington, CB Nebraska - Round 1 / 2
Brandon Browner, CB Oregon St. - Round 1 / 2
Bryant McFadden, CB Florida St. - Round 2
Domonique Foxworth, CB Maryland - Round 2 / 3
Eric Green, CB Virginia Tech - Round 2 / 3
Dustin Fox, CB Ohio State - Round 3
Darrent Williams, CB Oklahoma St. - Round 3
Antonio Perkins, CB Oklahoma - Round 3
Derrick Johnson, CB Washington - Round 4
Cedrick Williams, CB Kansas St. - Round 4
Antwaun Rogers, CB Purdue - Round 4
Karl Paymah, CB Washington St. - Round 4

6. Running Back

Will SA be back? Can MoMO get it done? If the answers to those questions are no and no, then I really like Marion Barber from Minnesota. Living here In Goopher land, I got to see this guy play a lot and let me tell you he's going to be a very good NFL running back. He's very, very fast has excellent shiftiness, blocks well and has good soft hands (though he didn't get thrown to an awful lot). He would be an absolute STEAL in the third if he slips, and would still be a great value pick in the second.

J.J. Arrington, RB Cal Round 2
Ciatrick Fason, RB Florida Round 2
Vernand Morency, RB Oklahoma St. Round 2
Marion Barber, RB Minnesota Round 2
Darren Sproles, RB Kansas State Round 3
Eric Shelton, RB Louisville Round 3
Walter Reyes, RB Syracuse Round 3
Kay Jay Harris, RB West Virginia Round 3
Brandon Jacobs, RB Southern Ill. Round 4
Ryan Moats, RB Louisiana Tech Round 4 / 5
Anthony Davis, RB Wisconsin Round 4 / 5
Cedric Houston, RB Tennessee Round 4 / 5

7. Offensive Line

When don't we need help here? Our right side is always our Achilles heel, and now after cutting loose Terry, (and probably Gray) we will definintely need to get some more help here. And as usual there are very good value picks to be had here, I like Snyder and McMahon myself.

Adam Snyder, G/T Oregon - Round 3
Logan Mankins, G/T Fresno St. - Round 3
Pete McMahon, T Iowa - Round 4
Jeremy Parquet, T Southern Miss. - Round 4
Rob Pettiti, T Pittsburgh - Round 4 / 5
Ray Willis, T Florida State - Round 4 / 5
Michael Roos, T Eastern Wa. - Round 4 / 5
Doug Nienhuis, T Oregon State - Round 4 / 5
David Stewart, T Mississippi St. - Round 5
Erik Pears, T Colorado State - Round 5
Calvin Armstrong, T Washington St. - Round 5 / 6

If I were drafting I would take Roth with the first round pick, my second would depend on what happens with Shaun Alexander. If he stays I go defense again probably Burnett or Shazor, if he's gone I go with Marion Barber. After that I'd take the best center left on the board, then finish up with defense defense defense get my point.



    right? I posted the link in another thread, I didnt want to post a new thread on because I thought it would be too big...but apparently not, thanks monkey!

    im still confused why there are no ILBs on there, though...

  2. since the chatter thingy isnt working for me right now...

    apparently, we are still in contact with Andre Dyson...that would give us some good corners (who would start though? Herndon or Dyson?)...especially when Bobby Taylor gets injured

  3. I just don't see Dyson taking less money to come here and have to compete for a starting job.

    I think Kevin Burnett is a first round talent,he is very fast and can hit plus he exels in coverage.I
    have no problem with Roth he seems like a quality player,another guy is Shaun Cody plays both end and tackle,a guy who can be a two down end and a pass rushing tackle.We
    will be looking for hard working
    quality people and both Roth and Cody fit that mold.

    Two players That would be tough to pass up if we could land them in the 3rd are,Matt Jones of Arkansas
    6,6 240 people say he's the best athlete in the draft.Vincent Jackson of Colorado st,big also
    at 6,5 238 ran a 4.5 in that range.
    I am not saying wide out is a priiority but those are some big targets for Hass,and to good of talents to pass on.I am a firm believer in best player availabe.

  4. Yep you're right adp, I copied the whole thing then just shaved it way down and added my own comments. Besides all I wanted was the list of names anyway, I didn't necessarily want the commentary, so that way the thing post wouldn't be quite so large.
    I just thought that the list of names that would probably be available was terrific.

  5. shonuff,
    very good assesment, I agree completely except for Burnett. I'm just not convinced he's a first rounder, I could be way wrong, but I think he's a reach at #23. If he's still around for our #2 pick however (no way he will be) he would be the steal of the draft. Who knows, maybe with the extra picks we have, we can trade up once and get both Roth and Burnett, now that would be AWESOME! Those two would make our D instantly much better.

  6. Here's something very interesting I noticed in a P-I article; "The club has scheduled a private workout with Mississippi's Chris Spencer, the top-rated center in this year's draft class."
    This is interesting for two reasons perhaps. One, apparently they agree with me that the time to groom a future center is now. Two if they are looking at Spencer, they are thinking of drafting him high, maybe with the first pick because he won't be around for very long.
    Actually there's perhaps a third interesting thing here, what does this say about resigning Tobeck? Maybe they aren't planning on resigning him? Maybe they are simply looking at replacing him?

  7. This just might be the most interesting draft in Seahawks history with 10 picks and lotsa needs. I sure hope Ruskell can find some gems in the middle rounds like he did in Tampa! He said that he's looking to get one, two, hopefully three starters out of the draft this year! Now that's confidence. All I can say is pass me some more of that kool-aid Tim.

  8. Other teams will draft a guy and give him a shot to start right away,I think if we do end up not signing Tobeck even if a rookie starts he will be playing with vets around him,so that won't be bad.If Baas were to fall to the mid 2nd trade on down.

  9. LB, Sharper or not...LB LB LB...

    right now we have Niko...Brown, who knows if he will be healthy the whole year...White (flashes of quality, but really isnt an answer)...Isiah K (passion, but unreliable)...DD Lewis (see Tracy White)

    we need a LB in the 1st round...since Merriman will prolly be taken, go for Blackstock (I honestly think he will end up as a 2-3 time pro bowler, with an above average career)...something we lack

    2nd gy available for ANY position we arent fully sure of (obviously, dont pick a QB, SS, FS here)...a C sounds ok, but I think there is bigger needs that we could help in the late 2nd round

  10. Monkey - since you resurrected this post, it was looking a little "dry" so I thought I'd spice it up with an appropriate graphic. Hope you like!

  11. ADP, I have to ask because it's the a**hole in me.....When did you see D.D. play last season?

  12. ha Vin...i dont see the asshole in your question...

    but I would like to know where I inferred (yes i used a schoolish word) that DD Lewis played last clear up my statements, I was referring to the last few years overall

  13. DE-Dan Cody,David Pollack,Shaun Cody,Justin Tuck*

    OLB-Darryl Blackstock*, Shawne Merriman, Derek Wake

    WR-Chris Henry*, Charles Frederick

    C-Ben Wilkerson, Chris Spencer

    CB-Brandon Browner*, Bryant McFadden,Fabian Washington.

    OL-Khalif Barnes(T)*,Morgan Davis(T),Erick Pears(T)*,McMahon(T), C.J.Brooks(G),David Bass(G)*,Dan Buenning(G),Ben Wilkerson(C), Junius Coston(C)*,Chris Spencer(C)*

    *-personal favs