Monday, April 04, 2005

Special On Tap: A Tall Dark Draft?

I'm resurrecting this Topic now that Draft has been released and we're also looking at Sharper. My gut says that if Draft is a hearty, full-bodied Lager...err...Linebacker, with a good head and no bad after taste, then he will be the one in Seahawks colors this season.

original post from March 22, 2005....
According to KFFL: Ken Sugiura, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reports the Atlanta Falcons could decide to release LB Chris Draft, who is scheduled to make $1.3 million and is projected as a backup in 2005, since Ed Hartwell will be taking his starting position.

OK, calling him a Tall draft may be a stretch of poetic license, but he was good enough to start for Atlanta last year, and they had a pretty good defense.

One of the most impressive items on his stat sheet from the Falcons site is this:

In April of 2002, Draft saved a man's life by pulling him from a burning car off interstate I-85 in Gwinnett County.

Sounds like the quality of character guys that Ruskell likes to deal with.


  1. go hawks!
    nice bit of info there...and an interesting blog.
    keep up the good work..and please, if you check mine, even if you dont least use the map and place a pin where you are located!

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  3. Great blog guys. I was seriously considering starting my own Seahawks blog a couple of months ago but I realized that I didn't have the time to run another blog all by myself. If you guys ever want another contributor you can email me at, I'd love to help out.

    Thanks and keep up the good work and GO HAWKS!

  4. "Josh" is not me :(.

    Oh well, I guess there's room for two Josh's.

    Anyway, on topic, if he's cheap enough, Draft would be a good option, to eithe backup Kouts, replace Kouts, or battle with Kouts and some draftee (har har).

  5. Agreed, JFK.

    I think Koutie is going to have a better year than most people give him credit for. Any FA left out there at this point will get a run for their money.

  6. Draft has been a good between the tackle run stuffer,I personally don't think Nic Suave is quit ready.Promising,maybe we could
    bring in someone like draft or Rob Morris for a good price to help bring Suave along.He would benefit from having a vet to learn,make no mistake I do think he is our future at MLB.

  7. According to yesterdays Seattle P-I, "The Seahawks weren't that interested in Jamie Sharper when the Houston Texans were trying to trade the veteran linebacker. That changed yesterday, when Sharper was released.

    The Seahawks immediately inquired about the possibility of having Sharper in for a visit.

    Sharper, 30, started 48 games at middle linebacker for the Texans the past three seasons after being acquired in the expansion draft. He played the first five seasons of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, who selected him in the second round of the 1997 draft."

    If we could find a way to restructure some salaries, ie. Chad Brown's, the Hawks would be foolish not to pursue a guy like Sharper who is rarely hurt and is still in his prime at age 30.

    Having said that of course, Draft would certainly come much cheaper.

    Ruskell's policy of patience seems to be the right way to do it. Had we jumped in and tried to trade for Sharper when he was first offered, we would have only been out a player, now however, we have a chance to get him without losing anyone. Also we can always pick up Draft if Sharper falls through.

  8. And if you're right about this patience thing, which I think you are, there have got to be a few teams patiently waiting for us to release Shaun.