Friday, April 01, 2005

Sharper than most

Texans release Sharper

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans released LB Jamie Sharper, it was announced today.
The nine-year veteran was taken by the Texans in the 2002 expansion draft from the Baltimore Ravens.

“We want to thank Jamie for all he's done over the past three years and we wish him well,” Texans general manager Charley Casserly said.

Sharper (6-3, 239), originally drafted by the Ravens in the second round from the University of Virginia in 1997, started all 48 games at middle linebacker since 2002 for head coach Dom Capers in the Texans 3-4 scheme.

“He’s been extremely productive for us,” Capers said. “We wish him well with whatever team he ends up catching on with.”

Caper's hideous grammar aside, I think Seattle should go full force after this guy. He is exactly the kind of class act that Ruskell has been collecting, and his talents on the fields cannot be denied.

This could definitely be the free agent we've been waiting for (I'd even take him over Hartwell)


  1. By the way, I haven't set up a thread in a while, I figured I'd better get one in before I forget how!

  2. nooo not another tempting LB...

    I want him badly, ON OUR TEAM (har har)

    Is there any mention of possible suitors? including Seattle? I want to know who we would be up against

  3. None yet, but I'm sure we're on the list, also maybe Pittsburgh after losing Bell?

  4. Sharper would be almost too perfect. Heck he's better than Harwell or any of the LBers that were available this offseason.
    OK let the (new) chant begin Sharper, SHARPER, SHARPER!!!

  5. do we even have enough money?

    i got 20 dollars if we need it...

  6. They don't right now, at least technically, but I imagine they would restructure some contract and come up with it in quick order if they knew they had a chance to land him.

    This is exactly the kind of thing Ruskell has been talking about, not panicking and waiting for the right guy to fall into our laps. Pass me some more of that kool-aid Ruskell I'm still thirsty.

  7. if worst comes to worst, we could always have a bakesale

    our oline would probably give half their salaries up for it

  8. Atl just dropped Draft, so there are 2 viable MLBs out there. Gotta figure if the FO wants them, they'll get one of them...

    Josh from SC

  9. Our "mole" on the ST fan forum called this move too.

    Apparently Seattle has their sites on Sharper and was thinking about a trade, but then they realized he'd probably be released, so they decided to wait.

    Our "insider" says that the Bungles are also really interested in him, so we may have competition.

    Our guy on ST called the Pork Chop and Mili signings, and now this. Sounds like he's really got an in.

  10. Sweet! Sharper is a proven performer, and at an age where he could fill in at MLB until Niko is ready.

    BTW: Any way we can tempt this insider into a blog member spot?

  11. Holy Crap- Sharper has played in all sixteen games per season since being drafted in '97. How does a linebacker do that!!!

  12. He'd probably get hurt right away here and miss half the season ala Wistrom.