Friday, April 01, 2005

Should I Run a Fab Five of Seagals?

So in order to be a team player, I am willing to force myself to wade through all the Seagal photos and bring them to this site so we could vote on our fab five IF you thought it would be a god topic. I would be willing to take one for the team like that if you guys want me to. Just let me know yes or no.

What do you guys think? Should I do a fab five of Seagals, like I did with the players?

OK I admit it, I just posted this for the picture, but if you want I can force myself to go to the Seagals page and froce myself to wade through all their pictures and post them in a thread here so we can vote on them. It might end up a hot&sticky thread. Tell me what you think yes or no.

Oh and this is JoAnna, say HI to JoAnna everyone. WOW!


  1. I would be totally sexist and chauvanistic for us to treat the women any differently than the men, so I say GO FOR THE TOP 5 SeaGal list!

  2. 1. JoAnna - awesome, just all around gorgeous
    2. Valerie - spunky, great eyes, smile and nice ass!
    3. Monique - pretty smile, exotic, great skin
    4. Mischell - auburn hair, full body, built for endurance!
    5. Nisha - crazy eyes, party chick, likes it from behind!

    Since our new President likes to raid the Bucs for talent, here's the top free agent SeaGal prospect.

    In case it's not obvious, alba likes the brunettes, and is an "assman"!

  3. BTW way, my top 5 are really top 6 because I can't decide between two for number 1.
    1. tie Kimberly and JoAnna You've met JoAnna and I love brunettes but I also have this thing for red heads like Kimberly.
    2. Allison (a close second, believe me).
    3. Amie what a little hottie.
    4. Mishell even her name is sexy
    5. DeAnna last but definitely NOT least.