Monday, April 04, 2005

Sharper Vision

Jamie Sharper is expected to visit the Seattle Seahawks this week...while this sounds encouraging, the good news is killed off by some rather bad things to hear...

Good news:

Tony Agnone, Sharper's agent, spoke with Mike Reinfeldt, the Seahawks' vice president of football administration, by phone yesterday. Agnone said the Seahawks would like Sharper to meet with coaches and front-office staff and that "he'll probably end up doing it. He feels he owes it to himself."

Bad news:

Agnone would like Sharper to make any visits as soon as possible and choose a team by the end of this week. Seattle is considered a longshot to acquire him, though a visit could change that.
Sharper would appear to be more interested in playing for a team led by a coach he knows well, such as Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati or Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville. Lewis was the defensive coordinator and Del Rio the linebackers coach in Baltimore when Sharper played there. Both teams have expressed interest, as have the Cleveland Browns.

Of couse, the make us not get any sleep in curiousity, optimism, and anticipation part:

'Seattle is considered a longshot to acquire him, though a visit could change that.

Sharper played in all but one game in the last 8 years (128 games)...if the Jaguars get him, ill be ticked

My prediction: He will go back to the Ravens for no apparent reason whatsoever---I dunno, before you guys get excited, remember...we're fans of Seattle teams...not exactly invincible to disappointment


  1. Gee, do you guys think he would be a good acquisition for us?

    har har

  2. What I like about the Ruskell administration, as they position themselves as the "Prom Queen" and not the "Geeky Nerd" looking for a date.

    In other words, if Sharper WANTS to come play for the Seahawks, and is willing to buy into the team concept and play for a reasonable salary, then he'll be a Seahawk.

    However, if he's looking to milk his newfound free agency for every penny, or is not of the mindset to blend with our newfound attitude and direction, then he'll be on another team.

    Rather than geting our panties in a twist cuz "we HAVE to have this guy", we'll bring him in, give him an honest work-out and a reasonable offer, and let the chips fall where they may.

    He sure does look like the answer to our MLB problem though, doesn't he??!!

  3. well, in a wishful thinking world...

    I would like this:

    OLB - Brown
    OLB - Blackstock (replacing Brown is he gets injured)
    MLB - Sharper (until Niko is me we need an OLB more then a MLB right now [dont ask me why, i just Blackstock more])

    and DD Lewis will move into the Weak Side should Brown get injured

    I don't know, LB is still are biggest concern, we have a bunch of below average guys, the Patriots have average-to-above-average we aren't there yet

    we have the depth, just not the starters