Monday, April 04, 2005

Sick Of Being Offensive?

of interest to the few hopefuls (I being one who doesnt care either way)... reports:

Rams Turley Wants to Play Defensive End - from www.KFFL.comMon, 4 Apr 2005 00:25:19 -0700

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports St. Louis Rams OT Kyle Turley (back) plans to switch to defense in 2005, lining up as a defensive end. He has not played that position since high school. This is, of course, based on whether or not he can pass a physical with the team and resume working relations with head coach Mike Martz. He wants to switch to defensive end to relieve pressure placed on his back, which is an injury that cost him his 2004 season. He said team GM Charlie Armey and operations chief Jay Zygmunt have given him a "we'll see" answer to his request of switching positions.

Enter Locklear...looks like the Turley optimism can be put to rest...(although I still would of loved to see how he would play against the Rams if he came to Seattle)


  1. Grant on one end and Kyle on the other.....How would Bulger like that sh*t!

  2. Locklear's as good as Turley? That's not what you're saying is it?

  3. not at exact words is exactly what I mean...Turley is out of the question for Tackle now, so Locklear is looking locked to start for us (barring Gray coming back moving Porkchop to Tackle...I personally rather have a combo of Locklear/Porkchop over Porkchop/Gray)

    Turley's chances of landing here are absolutely slim-to none now...

    1. for his character (hard worker, competitor...but had a run in with a coach...exactly why we released Simmons)

    2. he is going to DE, where he is unproven in the NFL, and probably wouldn't be much more of an upgrade over Fisher is at all...

  4. The biggest words of that story are "based on whether or not he can pass a physical with the team."

    This may be a well designed smoke screen by him and his agent to try to deflect attention away from his physical condition.

    I agree, however, that while he had some promise as a ROT, as a DE, we don't really need him.

  5. Turley can ask to be DE all he wants. He won't make it. If he stays with the Rams, he's entirely to valuable as a Right Tackle, and if he gets released, no team is going to take a chance on him at DE, especially at the price he'll be asking for.