Friday, April 01, 2005

Straight From Matt

I wandered over to to rate the SeaGals, and what do I find but a video interview with the "field general" himself.

Matt definitely sounds like a down-to-earth guy who already is focusing in on the up coming season.

"You want to get stronger, you want to get faster, you want to build the foundation to use to have a great season," says Hasselbeck. "And I think the part that a lot of the guys are starting to realize is that there's a lot of camaraderie and team chemistry building that happens right now. When you're working out hard with a guy every day you develop a rapport, you develop relationships with guys that are going to help you through some tough times during the season."

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  1. shotgun! I read the article a while back and saw the video. It wasn't anything new or earth shattering but it certainly did confirm my good opinion about Hass. I really believe that he's the exact type of QB that wins super bowls.

  2. even if he IS a Red Sox fan!!!

  3. Actually, although I am most certainly NOT a Red Sox fan (GO M'S!) I really did like the way he sort of lit up when talking about the way that the Sox came back from down 3-0 and overcame injuries etc... You could really see the passion and drive that he has. You can also see that he can really relate to the average fan, to the kinds of things that fans love and respect. I can just see, when he talks about the Sox how much he would like to create his own great story woth the Seahawks. That gives me alot of hope. He really gets it! He gets what the fans want to see, he get what it will take to get us there, he gets that the Hawks are perrenial underdogs and wants to change that, and you can see it. It gets me pumped about next season!

  4. the Red Sox are overrated ignorant hypocritical jerks

    they weren't better then the Yankees last year, they were just lucky...and they will NEVER be better then the Yankees...that said, I hate the Red Sox (obviously) but I dont like the Yankees either...but at least they aren't hypocrites (Red Sox trying to bring down the money hungry unbalanceable Yanks, by making themselves money hungry and unbalanceable)...they need to make a seperate league for them...and take the Cubs and Orioles with them

    argh dont get me started...Red Sox were pure lucky...and I hate them---a hatrid on the same level with the Rams

    Mariners rule...and God help the Rockies

  5. ADP, how do you REALLY fell? :P

  6. I guess I won't reveal the reason why *I* hate the Red Sox!!! :-)

  7. ADP, I thought it was awesome that the Sox beat the Spankmes, I can't stand that high dollar, low class buncha prima donas! I hope the Yankees have to wait as long as the Sox did to get they're next pennant. Sorry Alba, can't remember if you're a Yanks fan or not.

  8. man, im probably one of the most passionate guys you'll ever meet...i have strong opinions on everything and stick with it...

    i dont expect anyone to agree with me at times, but I get mad when someone ignores factual information I bring to them---blue, as you know, the Nirvana vs. 50 cent/Alicia Keyes sages as an example

    you could imagine how I feel seeing previews for the Red Sox movie every two seconds...

    oh and btw my MS Spartans are about to be eliminated, despite the fact they are better then UNC...and UNC is overrated and takes the pussy road by pure luck and refereeing...for those who like UNC: their mascot is a Ram

    I threw my remote across the room and broke im pissed

  9. one more thing, to Vinny...the way you described the Yankees describes the Red Sox, too...

    I love how idiotic no-nothing 'fans' kiss 'experts' asses, I call them hypocrites because they hate the Yankees and love the Red Sox, despite the Red Sox doing the exact same thing...and 70% of the fans that voted picked the Twins to win their division...YEAH RIGHT, they only picked them because the 'experts' did...Cleveland is a much more potent team