Monday, March 14, 2005

Slowing Their Pace

the Rams are deadmeat...especially Bulger

NFL Network reports the Texans and Orlando Pace all but agreed to terms on a contract. If the Texans and Rams can agree on compensation, he'll be in Houston by Wednesday.

It looks like it will happen. Houston is willing to give up the #13 overall pick in the draft and has two third-rounders possibly available. The Rams want two first rounders, but are expected to settle for less. Terrible news for Marc Bulger; great news for David Carr

Bulger sucks under pressure...and now he will be exposed like no move by the Texans...


How many picks will Bulger throw this year? Place bets here...

ill say 24


  1. its fun watching the Rams have a slow, and painful death

    like I said last year...lets focus on our competition...the Cardinals

  2. Yeah, but now they are seriously reloading... How would you feel about having two #1 picks and three #3's?

    Martz will be like an a$$hole in a candy store.

    Good for Wistrom, though -- I think Pace had his number.

  3. Who needs an offensive tackle when your main competition in the division has NO DEFENSIVE PLAYERS??!!

    Don't worry, Vindy, I still have my 2-liter bottle of kool-aid!

    At least Pace is going to Texas, and not to NEW YAWK CITY!!!
    (I hope you get the same salsa commercials we do!)

  4. way to ruin the mood guys...

  5. What's ruined, first of all we will have defensive players by the time we face the Rams, and second "Bring on the rookies, all the better ta' beat ya my boys!"

    I'm not nearly as worried about the Rams as I am the Cards.

    I'll save my praises of the Rams till I see what they do in the draft.

    And since I'm unable to post on the chat area, I'll respond here.

    Monkey, I apologize for stepping on your' toes, I never meant to disrespect Largent, I was only saying that Rice is one of the greatest WRs to play in the league, while Largent was the greatest WR to play for the Hawks. This is 'not' the same thing. And therefore since it was ok with Steve, it's alright with me. And by the way, it was for one season, it's over now and I can move on, you should try it.

    It seems to me there are more important things going on with the Hawks right now.

    I've never been a fanantical fan, I love the game of football, the entire sport, and since I was a fan before there was a Seahawks team and Steve Largent, or the #80 in Seahawk Blue,therefore I cannot get worked up over a number.

    If that makes me less of a fan in your' eyes so be it, I'll resign my seat on the Hawkstreet roster and go elsewhere.

    Again I apologize for pissing you off, it was only my intention to put my perspective out there.

  6. Violins? Did anyone else hear violins while reading that post?

    Vinny, cut it out with the "I'll take my ball and go home" business. While the argument did get heated, and way too personal, what's the sense of having a sports blog if everyone agrees?

    And ADP, didn't mean to kill the mood, just can't pass up an opportunity at some irony or a good pun.

    And BTW, did ANYONE get my Pace Picante Sauce commercial reference?
    (because if you haven't noticed, I'm happiest when it's all about ME!)

  7. Vinny, I feel badly that I said some things I now wish I hadn't said. I can be such a jerk! Sorry.

  8. Monkey, thanks but you were acting like a normal fan, which I am not. As we've established. So no apology needed.

    By the way...I'm baaacck. :)

  9. Kissing? Is that the sound of kissing and making up I hear?

    OK everyone GROUP HUG!!!!

    Now, let's go out and sign Hartwell so we'll have something that we ALL can agree on.

  10. Kissing? Is that the sound of kissing and making up I hear?

    OK everyone GROUP HUG!!!!

    Now, let's go out and sign Hartwell so we'll have something that we ALL can agree on.

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