Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rapping with "R" Kelly!

Keeping with their newfound charter to have fresh, relevent content on their site, Seahawks.com has an article and video interview with "R" (our) Kelly Herndon.

There's also an article in Wednesday's PI.

Looks like dude took the signing bonus right down to his local Zales for a couple huge chunks of "bling" in his left ear, but he's soft spoken, well spoken and ripped!

I like his take on himself, even if he does use a 3rd person reference...

"I'm not a guy that's scared to tackle, I love to hit," says Herndon. "I feel like I'm a complete football player: inside, outside, wherever the coaches want me to be to make plays. Hopefully I can turn some of those deflections into interceptions so we can go the other way. That's what you're going to get from Kelly Herndon."

And he even threw a little love our way...

"I heard the fans here are really wonderful and they support the team real well. I know Seattle is a great choice and I'm glad I'm here."

Maybe he's just trying to soften us up for that Guest Blogger position!!

Here are the links to the interview videos:

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  1. Didn't I see him on American Idol last night?

  2. I sure hope he turns out to be half as good as he seems to think he is. He'll be a hall of famer!

  3. hope he doesnt take after R Kelly in the 'dating' category