Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ken Lucas on NFL Network

Ken Lucas was a guest on NFL Network where he talked at length about his time in Seattle, his expectation that the Seahawks couldn't afford to resign him, and his happiness about being closer to home.

Click the picture or title above to see the video.


  1. I'm not sure that I care what Lucas says at all, but I cannot get my media player to play that link so could someone tell me what he said and if I should care about any of it? Please?

  2. No matter what he said or didn't say, I'll always be glad that we didn't overpay for this one year wonder like Carolina did. Not that I really think that Lucas is a one year wonder per se, but he has had only ONE good season, and for that one good season, Carolina VASTLY overpaid for him in my book. Better them than us I guess.

  3. I agree that he is now WAAAAY overpaid, especially when you consider the contact rule enforcement of today.

    But I will miss him - it seemed some games that he caught more balls than K-Rob.

  4. Monkey - the video in on the front page of in the lower right if you want to watch it.

    He basically said he enjoyed his time in Seattle, figured they wouldn't be able to buck-up knowing they had to sign Walter, Matt and Shaun, and said that Seattle truly is 2-3 hours from ANYWHERE, although it's a nice town to raise kids. (he of course is single!)

  5. "Seattle truly is 2-3 hours from ANYWHERE"
    I have never understood that opinion, Maybe it's just that I've lived most of my life in Fargo N.D. two or three days from anywhere. But I've always felt that Seattle is 2-3 hours away from anything you could possibly want to do. I mean if you like the night life in big cities, Seattle has it, if you like big city shopping, Seattle has it, if you like fine dining, Seattle has it in spades,. If on the other hand, you like outdoorsy stuff like hunting, fishing, camping, or if you like the ocean, like to salmon fish, sailing etc... you really are ONLY three hours away from absolutely anything you could ever possibly want to do. I think that of all the cities I have ever been to in my life, (and believe me I have been to alot of them considering that I have lived in over 25 states, served in the Navy and been around the world), Seattle is the most ideal, perfect city in the world. Seriously, if it were up to me I would have moved back to Seattle or one of it's suburbs or nearby towns like Port Orchard long ago. I will never understand the attitude of so many athletes who can't wait to get out of Seattle, I can't wait to get back!