Friday, March 18, 2005

A Bird in Hannam...

The Seahawks resigned restricted free agent tight end Ryan Hannam to a one-year deal. Dude was 'making it happen' toward the end of the season.

Question is: Is Jerramy Stevens still a keeper? It seems like Ruskell has really grabbed the reins of the personnel department, and Holmgren's 'pet' players no longer have immunity. If Simmons and Terry were cut, Huff and Evans lost without a fight, Where does that put Stevens? For that matter, Koren Robinson?


  1. first, apology to the jerkoff who insulted me, simpky based that he must be a Hawks fan, and I miss interpreted what he said...the 'loverboy' part pissed me off, as I just dumped my chick today

    as for the 'Holmgrens Pets'...I think Stevens will get a chance, and based on how he performs at training camp, his fate will be decided

    for K Rob, since he got 'help', he'll prolly get a second chance until hes caught smokin a J

  2. by curiousity, Blue...

    is the title of this thread referring to a song like "I Herndon On The Grapevine"?

    if it is, my guess is...

    Soundgarden's "Burden In My Hand" ?

  3. Welcome to the Seahawks Street Pun Fest! Another gret one, Blue.

    Payroll: I think it's in reference to the axiom "A bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush"

    Of course, being newly single, I'm not sure you should be making "bird in hand" references. (sorry, couldn't resist)

  4. har har...i got no job, no chick (time to get back to my wallet gag and good cop bad cop at the mall again)...

    i aint got nothing to do...or noone to do

    its sad, really...hints why im posting a billion messages on here

    hell, im wearing a Beatles tie on my head right now

    and just because im stuck with a bird in the hand doesnt mean i cant find a bush ;)

    if thats too overboard i i have to defend my manhood

  5. Defend your manhood? Sounds like you got it pretty well surrounded!

    (sorry again ADP, not trying to kick a man when he's down, it's just a curse I have where I can find the pun in almost any sentence!)

    Sounds like your in a bad way, and you need a major dose of Hartwell in a Seattle uniform!

    Good luck getting back on your feet man. If Vinny can rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed, you can too.

    And until you replace your chick, I recommend you surf to the Buc's web site and click refresh until you see the graphic I mentioned in my Shout Out post! (but don't go clicking through on the SBS ads on the KFFL site!)


  6. Damn, I keep coming here to post something ON TOPIC, and keep getting distracted.

    I think Stevens is expendable, and the FO is probably shopping him, but there's a few other big name TEs on the market so there probably hasn't been much play.

    With Mili and Hannam re-signed, Stevens is a "nice to have" but we could certainly do without him.

  7. ill be sure to do that

    but i dumped her...the main reason i was ticked was because Kansas got largely upset---and a ref---outta all people---hurt their chances when he waited 2 seconds to call a foul

    i just didnt have a chick to make it all better...but i just called one chick, and talked to another this im holding my own

    now I just pray Michigan St or Washington can do the same (eh...Gators too)

    as for the job...thats just stressing, im sick of being played for a month before i get a definite answer

  8. oh, and the chick i talked to this morning is from France...she was a foreign exchange student awhile back when i met her...she still lives there, but shes coming to stay down here in the summer

    wink wink

  9. bleh and one more thing (im a freakin chatterbox man)

    the good part of this place, is being to stray offtopic a bit and not getting ripped for it (cough-PI-cough)

    ok NOW im done

  10. Blue, I have to put this out here, are these guys you refered to a s 'Holmgrens Pets', actually his pets or were they Whit's, odd that all of a sudden they are expendible, I'm thinkin' Mike's wanted them gone for awhile, but Whit was holding the trump cards.

    It is odd that we haven't heard anything on Robinson(K), you'd think with all the fuss throughout the season, that something would be happening with him. Maybe Mike's real pet is still safe for another season.

    Stevens, is probably going to get his last shot this season, he has an upside he just needs to put it on the field, and I think with the emergence of Hannam as a real roster threat, we'll see his best effort yet. So this is the season for Jeremy to sh*t or get off the pot.

  11. adp, to clear up the title question,(since we all know Blue's too old to be into Soundgarden)he's, I believe, refereing to the old saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" (another great band from my rowdier days)

  12. Alright just so solve your 'headline interpretation' issues (makes me wonder about how God feels), yes, I did mean it as a prephrase to " worth two in the bush."

    I am not too old to be into Soundgarden, but I just never 'got into' them. More of a Pearl Jam/STP/Beethoven/Dvorak/Johnny Cash guy.

    About the 'pets' -- Holmgren has been accused of this many times, but I think it's exaggerated. There are certainly players that seem to hang on the roster despite poor performance, and others that get purged in a hurry (Ahman Green). But it's probably true with every coach, they keep the ones they LIKE. While Robinson is think is a legit case of 'petism', Stevens is a questionable one. I was just commenting on a possible case.

  13. Ahhh, And since you're into Johnny C, did you hear his cover of 'Rusty Cage'? Awesome!

  14. I'm an Alice In Chains guy myself.

    "The Rooster" Rules

    Almost took that as my user name...."HawksRooster"

    It's got that dual meaning thing goin'.

  15. I blame some of Stevens ineffectiveness on play calling,(I doubt thats a word)in the red zone why don't we ever just loft balls up in the corner of the inzone for
    him to go get.We did earlier this season once and got a TD.He is worth keeping if only as a red zone target,let him use his size.
    I am not saying play calling is his only problem but he has some uses.

  16. lol Vinny, im so glad I hate country...

    Cash with Rusty Cage? I couldnt imagine...and frankly, I dont want to

    STP was awesome...and Pearl Jam was ok...

    I was and am a Nirvana and Faith No More fan...but Soundgarden is inside my top 10...

    I personally didnt think it was the Soundgarden song, but I was clueless and I knew something was weird about the title

    I would like to see Mike Thompson come up with these puns

  17. I forgot to add Collective Soul.

    BTW: Cash suprises me with his covers... Remember his version of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt? Trent Reznor's got nothing on him, IMHO.

  18. Cash was on teh edge musically till the end..gotta love him for that!

    Oh yeah! GO HAWKS!

  19. Collective Soul...another one of my top 10 bands...

    nice considering the crap music out today, that people still respect some of those underrated bands of the past (and present for this case)