Thursday, March 10, 2005

Trade Talks for Jamie Sharper

ESPN's John "Alf's Dad" Clayton reports that the Seahawks and Bengals are interested in a trade for Texans LB Jamie Sharper.

Sharper is 30 years old and dwindling, but he has played in every game in his eight year career. He might be a good option if Hartwell continues to dodge. He has plenty of experience and a history of excellent productivity. Signing him for the short term might allow Niko time to develop into the player he has the potential to be.

Don't get me wrong. Hartwell is the answer. But ****it, he's better than what we have going on now.

The Texans are reportedly asking for a mid-round pick, possibly a fourth.


  1. News out of Phoenix is that Ed Hartwell might be close to signing here. These Cardinals are getting scary.

  2. here meaning Seattle? or here meaning Arizona?

    you know FO...its ok to overpay if its a quality player who fills the most glaring need for any team in the entire NFL, beating out a up and coming division rival for him

    i dont think they are even trying...they cant expect someone to fall into their lap

    and there is no reason to settle for less...

    i dont like overpaying, but now we have no Anthony Simmons, and we need a LB BAD

    im starting to be disappointed by this Ruskell guy...he needs to make a good first impression here

  3. I'm sorry ADP, I'm in Tempe, so by here I meant Arizona