Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What A Catch!!!

Reposted to highlight the awesome catch he made against the Eagles. Click on the picture of Joe to watch.

Here is another video clip of an outstanding Jurevicius catch.
(videos courtesy of Monkey)

We all thought that Joe Jurevicius was a good pickup for the Seahawks, but this article on Seahawks.com removes any shred of doubt there may have been!

He's already completely focused, politically savy, and has that "blue collar" attitude that all the the great ones seem to possess.

"I know we have some great receivers here, and I’m just looking to come here and help this football team win. Whether it’s working in the slot with Bobby Engram and the other guys outside, or maybe add a little bit bigger target in the endzone. I think there are some things I can do. I’m not here to step on toes, I’m just here to help the Seahawks win football games.”

Not much there to diagree with! But not to be outdone by his new hire, "Tinkering Timmy" couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a few subtle hints at the rest of the WR corp, about the importance of catching the damned ball, and doing the extra things, like downfield blocking. (from the Newsday article on the same press conference)

"He'll do everything he can to catch the ball," Ruskell said. "He'll do the little things. Joe loves to block, and you'll see that in his play. He's a nice presence, a great teammate, a good guy to have on your team."

Jurevicius has already settled in, and seems to be hanging out with the "right" crowd

I played football with Bobby Engram at Penn State, I had dinner with Matt Hasselbeck, and these are the kind of guys that I like being around. When everything transpires on the football field it's pretty important to get along with the guys. Jerry Wunsch was kind of instrumental in getting me here too. I ran into Jerry a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. I do know a few people here and I’m looking forward to working with these guys. They have had success here the last couple years and I’m looking forward to maybe adding something to it. Kind of add my own flare, add my own spice."

Sounds like he's punched in, on the job, and ready to work overtime if needed...let's get this guy one of those blue Seahawks hard hats, and a lunch pail with a thermos!


  1. Now THAT'S the kind of player I like to see on this team. One part receiver, one part linebacker, and ALL football player.

    It's not too often you see a WR that talks about putting a hit on someone.

    Thanks for posting it, alba!

  2. I think this Viscious signing will turn out to be bigger than anyone yet realizes. I honestly truly do! I know that he's never been a big time reciever (not yet anyway) but I just have this feeling that he'll make th emost out of his opportunities here and will soon become a favorite target of Hasselbecks. I still say that he reminds me of Ed McCaffree and that although he's not posted the same kind of numbers yet, it took Ed several years before he did too. In fact Ed's noumbers were very sismilar to J.J.'s until he arrived in Denver where he blew up.

  3. Maybe this is where J.j. will blow up.

  4. The title to this post becomes even more appropriate after veiwing the catch shown in this link; http://www.tommomommo.com/videos/shutupmadden.mpg

    You've gotta see this it's awesome! I've got it saved on my computer now, I can't wait to see some htings like that in a Seahwks uniform.

  5. Monkey - thanks for the clip, that's one unbelievable catch!

    And I agree 100% on the comparisons to McCaffrey and the estimation that JJ will become a favorite target for Hass.

  6. There's another catch that he made that may be even better. You have to go to the Bucs site at NFL.com and go to their, oh never mind, here's the link; http://www.buccaneers.com/av/nflhighlight.aspx
    This catch may be even better than the first one.

    The more I think about this signing the more excited I am. I have alway sort of liked J.J. and I really think that in this system, (a system he knows), that he will do very well. He has never had a QB like Hass throwing to him before, I look for his nubers to skyrocket here in Seattle and mmaybe even take the #3 or #2 role away.

  7. crap I forgot, when you get to the site, you need to look at the game where the Bucs beat the Eagles 17-0. That the one where the catch is, so you'll have to scroll down a bit.

  8. OK Monkey, I added the longer clip from the Bucs site as a link in the article.

    While it was 2 years ago, we sure could have used that full extension, tip-toed touchdown at the end of the playoff game to the Rams!

    Can you imagine if all Matt had to do was wing it somewhere around 9 feet off the ground in the back of the end zone, instead of throwing an off-balance wobbler to a falling down Bobby Engram?

    OOOOHHH! I can't wait for the season to start!

  9. Thanks alba, you didn't have to do that, I just thought it was worthy of looking at.

    I'm with you, I can't wait for the season to start, I'm getting excited. I'm really starting to believe that Ruskell's new emphasis on character will pay big dividends this season.

    Pass me some more of that kool-aid Ruskell!