Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Could we have our Hart(well) of our defense settled finally?

The Seahawks could also be close to shoring up a need at middle linebacker.

Ed Hartwell, another former Raven, had what his agent called a "great visit" with the Seahawks and left town yesterday excited about the prospect of playing for defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes. "He was extremely impressed with coach Rhodes," agent Harold Lewis said. "He told me, 'Harold, talk to them, because I could be very happy here (in Seattle)."

With Huff in Arizona, the Cardinals are likely out of the running for Hartwell, who made them one of the four teams he visited.

Also, KC is eliminated for signing Bell...

Who knew Ray Rhodes is great afterall? (for those who hate him...unlike me, I only had qualms once in awhile...but not overall)

on a side note, Brad Johnson has narrowed his teams down to Seattle (sports car), Minnesota (SUV), and Chicago (Bus)...which would you rather drive? ;)

Darren Howard probably isn't coming here, as he wants a ridiculous 16 mill signing bonus with whichever team he signs a longterm deal with...bleh, hes good...but thats a little much...hes barely better then Wistrom, and Grant himself was overpaid, and the most obvious reason being the signing of Fisher

im sorry I made a thread over more heavy rumors...but man I gotta spread the word!!!

We're SO CLOSE...and the Sonics won again!!! yay...and the Mariners kicked butt...even more yay! chock full of yay today...bleh im rambling...ok anyways...awesome news...

So tell me you think Hartwell coming here is a good ideal? (gee, I wonder)


  1. ill add this here...

    the 3 teams with the best shot of getting him (Miami, Atlanta on the outside)...they were

    Arizona, KC, and Seattle...

    he wanted to go to Arizona the most...and wasnt too giddy about KC, and decided to get a visit with us and Atlanta in first, resulting in KC being impatient and signing Bell...

    as for Arizona...they shot themselves out of the running with phht-heh-haha-hahahahahaha-Huff...they probably cant afford Hartwell now anyways...

    leaving us with the other two teams...and we and Arizona are the only teams he was really excited about after its looking like we're getting him

    one of my plans had to work...either Rhodes baked him a cake, or Ray slept with him...either way, he probably didnt wear an apron

  2. LOL, keep that apron down.

    I heard AZ was turned off by Hartwell because he wanted a $10 mil bonus.

    If we land him, I'll be the first in line to say I can't believe what we did under the cap this year, including the big three.

  3. unless i beat you to it, of course...

    i woke up at 6pm...and ima be up til about 1pm tomorrow (ET) an oddjob to do...

    im positive something will happen between 11am-7pm ET...

  4. Yep, I'm on the lookout for SA news, too. The deadline for signing tagged players to longer contracts it at 1:00, that or or wait until July.

  5. like him or hate him, there is no denying that he was on his way to being the greatest RB we ever had...

    Curt was great, but SA has a chunk of franchise records topped...

    I like favorite NFL player, but if it helps the team, i dont mind parting with him...

  6. In keeping with the medical theme of the post, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend Fish(er) as a staple for building a good Hart(well)!

    The 5th doctor is a crackpot in St. Louis!

    If we do land Hartwell for a reasonable deal, I think the scramble to be the first to say "I told you so" will be enough to entice "Vinny" to come back to the blog!

    God I wish the season started next week!


  7. I have one I told ya so to throw out already......

    SHONUFF, if Ray Rhodes is such a sh*tty Coach why is Hartwell so excited to play for him?

    Why was Wistrom? Taylor? Robinson? And probably Fisher.

    Ray's gonna build us a defense that will be a perrenial top fiver like the Eagles D he built.

    And Blue, you're right, if Harwell signs I'll probably wind up in traction from patting myself on the back. :)

  8. I'm with you Alba, it's gonna be a looooonnnng summer!

  9. And Blue, you're right, if Harwell signs I'll probably wind up in traction from patting myself on the back. Whaddya mean, Vinny? Did you call the signing of Hartwell?

  10. Naw, I just called that Ray wasn't the parriah some here said he was, not to mention that I was the first to say that the FO would get the holes filled, so with the Fisher signing, the re-signing of Porky, on top of a Harwell signing, i'm thinkin' I have at least a few props coming for being one of the only ones here early on that had faaith in the guys making the decisions.

    It's only fair since I had to put up with so much flack at the onset of teh off-season fo my optimism.

    I think this is another year of defenite improvement for the Hawks. Especially if we can improve the pass protection and the Recieving.

    Our pass rush has already improved just with the acquisition of Fisher, now if we can get Hartwell to help stuff the run, we could be looking at the defense everyone thought we had at the beginning of last season. (Especially if we can stay healthy along the front seven)

  11. But as I said earlier, I'm out of the signing prediction thing, it's just more speculation than I wasnt to get into. I'd rather speculate how the guys we do get will perform.

    At this point though, it looks like Hartwell's a lock, as has been mentioned elsewhwere in these boards. Sounds like he really wants to play for the Hawks and Rhodey.

    Maybe Ray can lure in a couple more before this things over.

    I told you guys that he has a reputation for being a great defense builder. Guys just 'want' to play for a guy that lets them play to their strengths. And that's Ray fotball in a nutshell, letting guys use their skills and instincts, instead of drawing up schemes and gadgets, which admittedly is what got us into trouble last year, cause when you lose you're talent and instinct guys, all you've got left is guys out there running around lost.(sound familiar?)