Monday, March 21, 2005

Now that's a Nice Piece of Hass!

Seahawks Interested in Hasselbeck

KFFL is reporting that we may be interested in acquiring Tim Hasselbeck to back up his brother Matt.

Jody Foldesy, of the Washington Times, reports there were some indications the Seattle Seahawks have interest in Washington Redskins restricted free agent QB Tim Hasselbeck. Since Hasselbeck was tendered at $656,000, a team signing him away wouldn't need to provide draft-pick compensation to the Redskins since Hasselbeck went undrafted.

The lovely young lady pictured above is Mrs. Tim Hasselbeck, who was a Survivor contestant and is now a Co-Host on the ABC Daytime chick-talkshow The View.

I figured after the HART-breaking news I posted above, and the trio of handsomely-challenged individuals below, the Seahawks faithful could use a little "eye candy" to brighten up this dreary Monday.


  1. I posted this in the other thread...

    im confused as of why they want he really a veteran backup we need (i thought he was drafted after Matt)

    but hey, if we got him (and he did decent in his backup role when called upon) would require no draft compensation

    on a side note

    I sent Hartwell a 'friendly email'...if I get arrested soon...go Seahawks (then again, i used my best friend's [EXTREMELY hot chick] email address ;)

  2. Actually, having brothers on the team hould drive me nuts...

    You know how the media is. It's a struggle for them to get ANYTHING meaningful to talk about when they cover Seattle football, they always end up reverting to coffee, Microsoft, or some other asinine angle that has nothing to do with football... I hate that tremendously, because I want to know about strategy, X's and O's, etc., which NEVER gets covered.

    I can only imagine that every media guy from coast to coast, TV to radio, national to local, is going to be compelled to blither about the brother thing every time the word 'Seahawks' comes out of their mouth.

    I have a hard enough time not putting my foot throught the TV as it is. If it were up to me, I'd avoid the brother like the plague.

  3. Yea, I can't see getting the other Hasslebeck as a backup. Too weird to have brothers on the same team, especially at the same position.

    And god forbid there's a tragedy in the family, you'd lose BOTH your QBs for a period of time, which isn't a good backup plan.

    Haven't seen a seasoned vet though that's available and that would fit into the system yet.

    Maybe Kitna's not that bad of an idea.

  4. Let's really give them something to talk about and try and get Peter Boulware too. LOL

  5. Why, what's HIS wife look like??!!

  6. LOL! Are you sure ADP doesn't stand for Alba's Dual Personality?

  7. as much as I think Alba is schizo...

    hes too womany to be like me


  8. Watch it Alba, the Pup's markin' in yer territory! LOL!!! :)

  9. his comments are worth peeing on!


    ok ok im done...sorry Alba...the irish in me came out a little after Patricks day (even though im not irish)

  10. It's okay, Payroll reminds me of the story of the YOUNG bull who was sitting on top of the hill looking at all the cattle grazing in the field and he said to the OLDER bull "let's run down there and f*ck one of those cows", to which to OLD BULL replied, "how about we WALK down there and F*CK 'EM ALL!"

  11. lol thats clever

    i wonder where you got that one from

    at your age, im surprised you even remember it

    (sorry...its uncontrollable!...i think ima stop now...seriously...its one thing to joke with someone, but a Seahawk fan? i cant be too brutal)

  12. I am anightmare walkin phsycopath talkin,oh sorry anyone seen my rabbit?

  13. Funny how we fans are just like the team we all love....One big disfunctional family!

  14. He Shoots...HE SCORES!

    Redskins | Hasselbeck Excused from Workout - from
    Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:08:38 -0800

    Brian Hosmer, of, reports Washington Redskins QB Tim Hasselbeck was excused from the team's first voluntary workout session Monday, March 21, because his wife is expecting a baby.