Friday, March 11, 2005

As the Football Turns

I don't like where this is going.

1. The Seahawks told Shaun Alexander's agents (yes, he apparently needs two agents) that they are interested in trading him for less than a first round pick. He was a first round pick when we drafted him, which means that the Seahawks think that the RB's coming out of the first round are more valuable than him. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but either way, it's a SLAP IN THE FACE to him.

2. He was reportedly 'franchise tagged' with out so much as a phone call. That's a SLAP IN THE FACE to him.

3. He was 'stabbed in the back' last season. I'm sure he'll remember that SLAP IN THE FACE the next time Holmgren doesn't call his number.

4. Nobody in the NFL is beating down his door for a trade, even in his 'bargain bin' status. **SLAP**.

I could very well be overstating the impact all these things has on Shaun's psyche. After all, he is a professional, and he's done nothing but produce for his entire career.

But I've got a funny feeling about the way the Seahawks have treated him. It could have been better. And running back is a position that is all about talent but magnified by heart. I just think Shaun's may have been turned away.



  1. Aha! This is finally working!!! You just need to log off and shut down the browser, I think.

    You know what? If we didn't have the tag available, we would get nothing for Shaun.

    Less than a first round pick is starting to sound better and better.

    Dang. I want him to have a 2,000 yard season, though. With us. With Jones, Hutch, Tobeck, Womack and Truley leading the charge.

    I want to see the Rams and Cards defense HATING LIFE when they get on the field with us.


  2. Oh Boo-Frickin-Hoo, let's not shed too many tears for Mr. Alexander.

    I mean I like the guy, even bought his book for my kids, but he's gotta know how these things work.

    The "back stab" comment got everything off on the wrong foot.

    They DID call him after signing Matt about being franchised, but unfortunately, had to leave a message.

    If he went to classes at Albama, then he should know the laws of supply and demand, which say that Floyed "Pork Chop" Womack may wind up with a bigger signing bonus, than Alexander "the Great", due to the scarcity of good O-Linemen, and the glut of RBs in FA and the draft.

    If he wants the sympathy of the fans, then have him sign his tender, come in for training camp, play his arse off next season, and the world WILL be beating down his door next year.

  3. Don't misconstrue my post, so that you think I am defending Shaun. IMNSHO these players should NEVER get their feelings hurt with their paychecks. I just said those things because this stuffcould very easily become a very unwarranted distraction.

    It seems to me that the #1 running back on any team HAS TO BE in training camp. The running game is something that needs to be developed. If he doesn't buckle down to a reasonable contract soon, I'll be in line to kick him to the curb. We can accomplish a LOT with $6 Mil.

  4. I'm with you 100% on the distraction thing. It's to the point now where Shaun's gotta go one way or the other.

    It may suck to just release him, but there is definitely a cost of keeping someone on your team who doesn't want to be there.

    And, you're dead on about the need for your #1 RB to be in camp to work on timing.

  5. Alba, you're even easier to agree with here than ya were next door.


  6. Well Vinny, I am finally at the point you are with Shaun. I still love the guy, he'll always be one of my favorites, but when his presence nagatively affects the rest of the team screw him.

  7. Blue you said, in the original post, that "he'll remember that
    SLAP IN THE FACE the next time Holmgren doesn't call his number."

    You made it sound like you thought he'd be back next year. Do you really think that that will happen?

  8. I am getting the feeling that he don't want to be here,And if he don't want to be here send him east.He is a productive back but if it hurts the whole get him out.

  9. Vinny,

    Will he still be here? It's a coin toss. I don't see too many teams interested.

    Miami would rather use their high draft pick. Same with San Fran. Arizona has been rumored, but I think the FO will think twice before loading up a rising opponent like that.

    I'm afraid (again, I hope I'm wrong) that we're going to have to keep a six million dollar unmotivated whiner this year.

    Come on, 4 pm Wednesday!!!!

  10. Scr*w him! Make him get all the tough yards in the middle of the field and then use Matt, the WRs and the new HBs to score the TDs.