Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Seahawks Geek Toys

Yeah, I'm a Seahawks GEEK.

This is my phone. I've got a Motorola V551. It's easy to geek out, like a lot of other camera phones.

But this one is special. I got my Seahawks wallpaper on it, and I sprout wood every time someone calls me.

You can have it, too. I included the file below that works. If your service and phone are geeked enough, you can right click on the picture and email it to you phone and use it for wall paper, too!

<==Here's the picture.

<==Here's a cool Sonics logo, too. I might switch to it when the playoffs start.

Geek stuff rules.


(and Sonics, who, by the way, locked up a playoff spot this evening)


  1. yer unbelievable Blue!

    I gotta change my phone carrier next month (Cingular SUCKS in this area) so I gotta get me one of them phones!

    So is your ring tone "We are the champions?"

  2. Naw, my phone rings to an mp3 of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger".

    Ok, so I'm dating myself.

  3. I'm getting a new phone (probably cingular) and I want that wallpaper so bad it hurts.

    Dream Ringtones:

    Ring - NFL Theme from Fox
    Voice Mail - the Da Da Dunh Da Da Dunh from Sports center
    Text Messages - ChaChung from Law and Order.

  4. Dream ringtones?

    How about the "Emperial March" from star wars?

    Call waiting would be the audio of Ken Hamlin laying the wood to Daunte Stallworth in his 1st game as a rookie, followed by the sound of Stallworths helmet re-entering and bouncing of the astro turf.