Monday, March 21, 2005

Seahawks Edged Out

Altanta Goes "All In" to get Hartwell

Well, he's a bird, but not a Seahawk.

Here's a story announcing the signing from the Las Vegas Review Journal, of all places.

Looks like Atlanta is taking a heck of a gamble putting all their chips on PURPLE with an enormous guaranteed contract.

But is wasn't about the money..yeah, right!


  1. what a lying sack of shit

    he doesnt want to be the leader of a defense, he wants money...

    im so pissed off at him right now

    I hope he gets injured in week 1...

    what a fucking prick

    and Atlanta can kiss my ass too

  2. you cant get far with no receiver...

    and Vick wont be able to run forever, as defenses are getting faster

    noone has a chance in the NFC anyways, with the Eagles trying to build a superstar team

    (funny how 'fans' hate the Yankees for spending so much money, while the Red YANX do the same thing, as does the Eagles...what a bunch of hypocrites)

    he could kill me (being an ex-Raven, he probably would)...but I swear if I see him in person, im punching him dead in the face

    I hate liars

    and fuck Atlanta fans too

    the Seahawks aren't the only thing 'edged out' :P...that ticks me off...we always get played


    this day is confusing already

  4. and they are no longer interested in Surtain, too!!! (for obvious, reasons, i've Herned)

  5. Oh well, way too much cash. If it was going to cost that much, then who cares.

  6. yup, just a 'section' of what i said in my email

    we are getting a better LB at twice as less cash (draft)

    im not as mad that he went to Atlanta, im just ticked he used us like every other big name free agent sick of the lack of he lied...he was all about the money

    amazing how i prolly would be singing a different tune if he signed with us...but not at this money

    merriman Merriman MERRIMAN!!!

  7. It's about the cash, no doubt. How stupid does he think football fans are? Everything he and his agent said and did was designed to suck the most $$$$$ out of the signing team.

    Personally, if the Seahawks signed him for that much in a guaranteed contract, I'd be pissed.

    Wasn't Bosworth's contract guaranteed? I remember something about his contract being insured through Lloyd's of London.

    Look what that got us.

    Hartwell IS coming to Seattle, BTW. Atlanta is coming to our crib in the regular season. Defenitely gonna get that ticket, and St. Louis'. Nothing cures a wounded, salted like a lot of screaming and yelling and a WIN.

    I don't hope he gets injured, I don't wish that on anyone, but I do want to see him run back to ATL with his tail between his legs.

    merriman, Merriman, MERRIMAN

    BTW: Man, I'm glad I've got you guys. It makes being a tortured die-hard Seahawks fan a little easier.

  8. Blue, i was in the heat of the moment when i wish injury...i wouldnt do that with anyone...but Rams players

    "BTW: Man, I'm glad I've got you guys. It makes being a tortured die-hard Seahawks fan a little easier."

    exactly why i come here

  9. Gent's, this signing would have made me extremely happy had it occurred within reasonable "cap" numbers. I am very impressed that Ruskell - "The new guy wanting to make a splash", didn't get hood-winked by Hartwell's agent. This contract was not "team-friendly" and indeed was -- ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! The minute I heard all the LOVE Seattle was getting I suspected his agent was playing the interested teams against each other. This fortitude on Ruskell's part is extremely encouraging. Don't get me wrong, I would have liked a BIG FA LB signing to generate some momentum, but I like the direction we're headed. Ruskell "earned" his reputation by excelling in the draft. Let's give him time to work. I would rather second-guess him today and have him prove me wrong tomorrow, rather than be disappointed tomorrow and saying "I told them so!!!" Keep the faith everyone!! And lastly, we did sign two great FA's - Hass & Walter. I also think we will see some of our own FA’s not yet signed get some attention and LOVE this week!

    Tobeck, Tobeck, Tobeck!!!

    GO Seahawks!!!

  10. Amen, SBL.

    I posted this in the Fo thread, but I thought it was good news to hear that Ruskell stayed away from the NFL meetings so that he could stay 'hands-on' in preparing for the draft.

  11. Yeah if Rusky's forte is the draft, and he did this well in FA, then how well are we gonna make out in the Draft?

    Man I can't WAIT for April!!!!

  12. I can see it now, Raving Ruskie dealing to get 3 first round picks, and then convincing the players they have to play for free for their first year as a student-intern!!!

  13. I tell you what...Seattle has a great reputation for finding 'diamonds in the rough'...add Ruskell to the scared of what could happen

    i REALLY trust the FO now...they clearly arent falling for the dirty tricks of overpaydom (made it up!)

    at this point in his career, id still kill for Derrick Brooks...if only we could find a young one in the draft

    me and Blue (i think) are already on the bandwagon...

    merriman Merriman MERRIMAN (may switch to LB...and boy did he look good with his combine)...then again, like DJ Williams last year...will probably fall short, despite profections of landing in the early 20s (ironically, we have the same pick as last year)

    tomorrow im going to use my wallet gag to get some chicks at the mall...wish me luck! heh

  14. and lookin at my first 4 posts of the thread (ha)...i see i still have some maturing to do...

    but im only young for so long, as time flies by

    but i must thank you guys for being patient with me...i seem to be one of the few people who blatantly cusses when im ticked

  15. Ha! You're as young and immature as long as you want to be.

    I'm going on 44, still have a kid's heart and soul, and at age 39 I was dating a hot 21 year old grocery store clerk. It didn't last long, but long enough ;)

    So enjoy it every day ya have it, cause once ya grow's no fun anymore.

    How old did ya say you were?

  16. and at age 39 I was dating a hot 21 year old grocery store clerk...

    Really? What was his name??!!

  17. I imagine im the youngest on here...

    18...AND A HALF :P

    i may be young, but ive dated several older chicks (if you wanna call it dating)

    I had this hot spanish teacher that I hit on throughout high school (graduated a year ago)...i was her favorite student ;)

    Alba - hahahahaha! good one

  18. BTW, here's a link for anyone who's truly broken up by this news!

    (Vinny, you know I'm just kidding right? That's what I do. I'm a kidder!)

  19. Did she look like Peggy Hill?

    I see that several (by several, I mean two or more) people want to draft Merriman. I agree that I would like for the Hawks to draft him too, but does anyone actually envision this happening? It seems they would need to trade up to get him, and I just don't see them doing that. Does someone know something I don't? I mean, if we can make suggestions without regard to the potential availability of the player, I suggest they take D. Johnson.

  20. mfan...its just wishful thinking, to be honest...

    some of us feel Seattle may try to trade up...if not...they will still get a LB

    I have Merriman being picked between 15-20...but you never know...

  21. They could always trade Alexander for a top five pick to S.F., Clev., Chic., T.B.?

  22. May Mr. "Harts not in it til the pay is well" enjoy as much success in Atlanta as Hugh Douglas found in Jacksonville.

  23. I told y'all that noone wants to play in Seattle but you wouldn't listen. Which "diamonds in the rough" has Seattle uncovered? A 2nd round pick (at best)is all Alexander would bring.

  24. Yeah, right, nobody wants to play in Seattle. Matt Hasselbeck sure didn't want to play here. Neither does Walter Jones. I don't know how Grant Wistrom got here last year, since nobody wants to play in Seattle. Get a grip.

  25. Realist, you lost any hope of credibility when you said "everyone want to play in Miami, because they're stable."

    Dude, you're a joke in here.