Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I'm very pleased to announce a new feature at 12 Seahawks Street: Adopt-a-Seahawk!

Now, before you go talk to the old lady about adding on a room, a California King-sized bed, and $1000 a month to the grocery budget, realize that "adoption" is only figurative.

'Adopt-a-Seahawk' is a special feature being added to the site, and is a privilege available to 12 Seahawks Street contributors. On a first-come, first-serve basis, team members may solitarily possess their own separate section of the blog dedicated to the career of a rising star on the Seahawks roster. The 'contributor box' will have the author's profile and picture. The sectioned blog will grow from week to week, as you post updates tracking the player's exploits on the field, articles about his performances, as well as quotes and pictures.

For an example, check out the Ken Hamlin page at Becky's Place. While your site will not follow the same layout, the content will be similar, if you so choose. What you do in the blog is up to you. We're getting an early start to the whole thing so you have the time to get the hang of it before the season starts.

Don't be intimidated by it; it shouldn't take a lot of your time. Depending on the player, you're looking at just one or two posts a week. I can set up the template and get you started. You will just need to set up your profile the way you want it and select an appropriate picture or avatar. After that, my name will be removed and you will have complete control of the section.

So who are good candidates for adoption? Michael Boulware? Joe Jurevicius? Niko Koutouvides? Jerheme Urban? Maybe one of our upcoming draft picks? It's up to you, but be sure to adopt your favorite player before someone else does!

If you want dibs on a player, put it here in the comments. If you have any questions, do the same. We'll take it from there.


ADDENDUM: Players 'officially' adopted so far:

Michael Boulware adopted by Monkey
J.P. Darche adopted by Bluefoot
Kelly Herndon adopted by albaNY Hawker
Niko Koutouvides adopted by Monkey

All other players currently up for grabs!


  1. Let's not all fall over ourselves trying to be the first to adopt Shaun!!!

    Blue, if I ask nicely, can I adopt a SeaGal??!! I promise to feed her, and exercise her regularly, and clean up after her. PLEASE??!!

  2. No, I already adopted them all.

    (Talking to hole in floor)

  3. Blue...please tell me you're not prancing around naked playing "hide the johnson in the buns"!!!

    Love that movie!

    I think the name for this team should be "The Silencers of the Lambs" next season.

  4. "Silencers of the Lambs" - OMG, what an epiphany - we have to name a thread after that on game week!

  5. Put the f**kin* lotion in the basket!
    Seriously great idea BLuefoot!!!

  6. I think I would like to adopt either Niko, (who I have defended vociferously and really think is going to become a good MLB) or Hutch my current favorite Seahawk.

  7. After visiting Becky's site, and seeing how she did the Hamlin thing (which was very very cool!) I changed my mind a bit, forget Hutch (even though he is my favorite current Hawk) I would rather do Michael Boulware or Niko Koutivides, either one. Both are guys who have taken some criticism and both are guys who I have defended big time. I still feel that both of those two are going to become very good players, in fact I really believe that Boulware will become a pro bowler soon. Come to think of it, since I am the first one to ask apparently, make mine Boulware! Unless someone else has already asked in which case Niko would be fine as well.
    This is gonna be very cool! Great idea BLuefoot, man this place just keeps gettin better and better!

  8. Ok, so far monkey has Boulware. Rev Seahawk has expressed interest in Urban, but hasn't become a contributor yet.

    BTW: I never said you can have only one. Just be sure you can take care of the ones you've adopted. No one likes a deadbeat dad.

  9. Cool! I might just want both Boulware AND Niko. As long as I can find enough time to treat them equally, after all parental favoritism is unfair to the children and can leave long lasting emotional scars.

  10. there is a downside to your plan

    1. trying to get us to do extra work? I work so hard as it is :P

    2. some players won't get mentioned

    3. in relation to 2, if you say 'we will just get more contributors'...pretty soon we will be overrun with no authority...a newspaper with a new article, and 15 threads were made at the exact same time about it...imagine the deletion...adding contributors is always good, just dont get too trigger happy with it

    its like having one of those boards, where everyone is a mod, and noone is a visitor

    shame you couldnt do some ranking system to keep track of who can be a contributor or what not

  11. ADP,

    1. It's only for those that WANT to do it. If you don't want to, the end result would suck.

    2. It's not a 'fairsies' blog. Look at the news articles-Players don't get mentioned all the time!

    3. A realistic concern... But I won't let it get that way. You will see.

    Our 'green box' list will only get so big before enough is enough, and the blog will only grow in visitors and commentors.

    Besides that, as the blog grows, people will have more distinct roles and there will be a minimum of doubling up on threads.

    You'll just have to wait and see. Especially when the season starts, this site will morph a bit, and you will see the grand design I have going on in my head and am waiting for the right time to employ.

  12. a grand plan huh?

    just dont hurt your head...I do feel like this site has grown a lot recently...especially when i left...maybe when the season starts, ill leave for a game or two...and maybe we'd triple in size or so...

    either way, i could never give you enough credit for what you did with this site...its awesome (except the server thingy, which you dont really have control over anyways)

  13. Rev. Seahawk is on this board? He's made a lot of good posts on the ST forum and will be a great addition. Welcome, Rev.!

    "No one likes a deadbeat dad."

    So much for adopting Chris Warren then I guess!

    Payroll - I thought about adopting PorkChop like you mentioned Hutch, but there really isn't much to talk about with an OLineman, unless he's missing blocks! Maybe someone can adopt the entire O-Line and talk about the unit?

  14. I'm afraid I can't adopt yet, I'm too busy to keep up well, let alone adopt a player. I'm afraid I'd be the "always on a business trip" dad who comes home to find his Seahawk has been spending too much time with "uncle" bwil.

  15. I'm open to the idea of the whole O-line being put up for adoption. That has some potential, because you can talk about some key matchups. Good idea? If someone has dibs, they need to clearly state it, however.

    Paulie: isn't it amazing that a person (bwil) can be such a (insert preffered epithet) that we still make derogatory references to him months later? LOL.

  16. "uncle bwil" LOL! Man I can't believe you pulled out the bwil referrence, that's so funny.

  17. blue, you said that already :P

    and im not even going to ask about 'bwil'

  18. Blue -

    How about we update your Topic and add a list of the players already claimed and who claimed them, either at the top or at the bottom?

    BTW who is uncle BWil?

  19. "uncle" bwill is a guy (or gal?) who went by the name bwil10bwil10 and was possibly the biggest moron of all time on the Hawk talk blog. That person said the most ridiculous things you could possibly imagine every time he/she posted, it was amazing! bwil10 is on the M's blog at the P-I as well and pisses everyone there off as well.

  20. Good idea, as always, alba!

    bwil is a four letter word used to describe bwil10bwil10, a notorious poster of the PI blogs.

    A few synonyms: Stupid, argumentative, hatemongerer, critical, detatched from reality, caustic, abrasive, and stupid.

    And yes, he was really, like, stupid.

  21. got a couple "bwil"s posting on the ST site now!!

  22. It seems that no one other than myself is biting on this adopt a Seahawk thing so maybe I will have to adopt more than one. I think I have shown that I am a resposnible parent.

    Bluefoot maybe you should send out emails to those people who wanted to do an adopt a Seahawk thing, I know that there were a couple of people who were visiters who mentioned wanting to do it. Maybe they could be considered part time contributors or something...I don't know, just rambling ideas here.

  23. I like the idea, and plan on contributing, but I'm still thinking about who, and I'm kinda in a transitional phase employment wise, and don't what my time schedule will permit for the next month or two. But I do like the idea, and plan on contributing.

  24. Hi, guys, I wanted to bet my shot in about adoption, and then I gotta run again- I've got dibs on JP Darche.

    Go ahead and laugh, but I like to give someone that gets even less run than a kicker a little love. I've got it started, but it's be a few days before release.

    Looks like you guys had a good time while I was gone. Hopefully I can catch up here.

  25. Well as most of you know, Vin's going for the Bad Dog of the group, K-Rob. Hopefully he stays long enough for me to get a site going.

    All I know is I'm in for a tough fight.

  26. Vin - nice to meet you. I'm right there with you - taking on Problem Child #2 in Jerramy Stevens.

    But I think we'll be all right: plant them in the sun, collect all the crap that spews out of their mouths as fertilizer, water regularly and in a month or two we're gonna have a bumper crop.

    I've been in talks with Jerramy regarding this endeavor and he tells me to run the blog like he has run his career - so I'm off to bed.

    But, when I awaken - the busting on my boy shall be a thing of the past and we're gonna put some energy into making him the DARLING of the PNW.

    Jerramy spoke in class today.......

    Get fired up -- we've got a viable Vanilli for Itula Mili coming out.



  27. I adopt Mack Strong. He's good an' stuff.

  28. I must have my fellow alumni of Penn State Bobby Engram! Is he still up for grabs?