Friday, March 25, 2005

Open Invitation to

Seahawks Players & Personnel

OK, we know that someone from the Seahawks FO has to be "lurking" here, just look at the recent changes in if you doubt it.

So how about we extend an offer to someone within the Seahawks organization to participate regularly (weekly?) on this blog site?

Headline players have done this on some of the mainstream media sites, posting a training camp journal or road to the superbowl log, so why not here?

Maybe we hit on one of these new Seahawks, like Fisher or Tafoya or Jurivisius, and have them provide some inside perspective to what is going on. Even if it's just an intern in the media relations department it would be worth it.

How cool would THAT be?


  1. Great idea, absolutely no clue how to get something like that done, wouldn't even know where to begin.

    BTW, I have heard that Ruskell actually DID talk to the guys at and that he told them that if they want to continue being the "official" site, they had better get on the ball. That is why suddenly they are breaking stories etc... Seriously, I really truly heard this from a very reliable source. It seems that Ruskells demands for hard work extend beyond just his team and players but even to web sites that are affiliated with the Hawks. I LOVE IT! This guy is making a believer outta me, he takes pride in his team and demands that same kind of pride out of everyone that has anything to do with the team. This can only be a good thing!

  2. Monkey, sweet info. Looks like Ruskell's putting his mark on the organization from the top down.

    There's a new big dog leading the pack, he's marking his territory, and there's a big-ass empty water dish in his office!

    It would be nice though, that if they continue to highlight the free agent signings page, that they at least have the Seattle info up to date!

    Where's Pork Chop on that list? Darby? I know the Juriviscus and Herndon signings have just happened, so I'll cut 'em some slack there, but these other guys have been in the books for awhile.

  3. I have a question, why do I have to look at Shaun on a page about Hawk players & Personnel? He's not a player till he signs on the dotted line.

  4. Three reasons:

    1. because I knew it would bother you
    2. because when looking for a graphic to steal, I thought one with Team Report was appropriate
    3. because I knew it would bother you!