Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bronc's won't match

Cornerback Kelly Herndon is coming to the Seahawks.

The Denver Broncos will not match the five-year, $15 million offer sheet the restricted free agent signed last week with the Seahawks, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said today at the NFL owners' meetings in Hawaii.

I am a bit surprised at how much the offer for him was, especially in light of the over 3 million signing bonus. I would have been surprised if the Broncos had matched this offer, for a below average cornerback. In my mind 3 mil/yr for five years, just seems a bit high for a corner who up till now, no one had ever heard about.


  1. Supply and demand, it's all supply and demand. When you have ZERO corners, the value of a decent corner becomes higher.

    Also, compared to what other corners are getting on the open market, if this guy can play, it's a steal.

    There were a bunch of comments on this site last week when he was first signed.

  2. I know that since we lost out on Lucas we had to sign someone and I'm not really complaining, it's just that Herndon is a very average CB at best getting paid more money than I think he ought to be making based on past performance. No big deal, just struck me as interesting.

    I was in the hospital all of last week, hence my missing the comments. Even though he signed last week, it has been reported today that the Bronc's won't match, therefore I think this article is relevant. Besides, nothing else happening.

  3. True...just helping you catch up, Monkey!

  4. Monkey, it;s probably just my rose colored glasses talking but maybe all Herndon needed was scheme that helped him perform to his best potential. Who had heard of Lucas until last season?

  5. Maybe you missed it in the "Herndon Thru the Grapevine" thread (CLASSIC headline), but John Clayton had this to say about him:

    "Herndon played 99 percent of the Broncos' defensive snaps last season even though he was projected to be the No. 3 cornerback behind Champ Bailey and Lenny Walls. According to Stats Inc., Herndon led the league with 23 passes defensed and had only 51 percent of the passes thrown in his direction completed."

    I consider that to be a quite a accomplishment, considering he was playiong across from Champ Bailey. You know he was the preferred target, but he did a great job anyway.

    Another thing I like about him is the fact that he was undrafted -- and to get where he's at today in such a case only comes from hard work. Therefore, I think he's one of those sorely needed 'character guys' that we are looking for.

  6. I consider him a pretty good option,look at the d-line in front of him had palapoi starting for them so it was worse off then our line.Like I have said and Ruskel said front seven make the DB's better.Even if we had signed Lukas
    if we don't improve the pass rush
    it won't matter what corner we have back there.Remember Steelers Willy Williams,starting.