Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We Landed a Big Fisher!

Bryce Fisher leaves Rams for Seahawks
By Jim Thomas
Of the Post-Dispatch

Defensive end Bryce Fisher, the Rams’ sack leader in 2004, is headed to the Seattle Seahawks. Fisher agreed to terms Tuesday on a four-year deal with the Seahawks worth $10 million.

It will be a homecoming for Fisher, 27, a native of Renton, Wash., who attended Seattle Prep High.“I get to go home, so I’m excited about that,” Fisher said Tuesday afternoon. “I get a chance to play in front of the home fans every week.”

But Fisher also expressed some disappointment that the Rams didn’t make a contract offer.

“I’d been in contact with the Rams coaching staff and told them that I think Seattle’s going to make me an offer, and that if they make me an offer I’m probably going to take it,” Fisher said.

But the Rams have made a commitment to Anthony Hargrove as their starting right end in 2005. They were interested in re-signing Fisher only as their No. 3 defensive end -- and at No. 3 defensive end prices.

Fisher wanted a chance to be a starter, and be paid like a starter, an opportunity he will get in Seattle.

So now, when the Rams play Seattle twice a year in what has become an intense and entertaining NFC West rivalry, they will face former Rams at both defensive end positions for the Seahawks: Fisher and Grant Wistrom.

After being released by Buffalo at the end of the 2002 preseason, Fisher revived his career with the Rams. He appeared in only four games for St. Louis in ’02, but became a regular part of the defensive line rotation in ’03, finishing with 47 tackles and two sacks.

When Wistrom signed a free-agent deal with Seattle following the ’03 season, Fisher took over for him in the starting lineup in St. Louis. Fisher started the first 14 games of the ’04 campaign before giving way to Hargrove in the starting lineup.

He finished the season with a team-high 8½ sacks and was seventh on the team in tackles with 77.

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(damn the Seahawks website staff...how I HATE to have to link to the Lamb's site for this story!)


  1. You're pretty quick Alba, I just posted the same thing, but yours looks better so I deleted mine. We must share some of the same sources eh?

  2. Are you on the PI site too Monkey? If so, what's your handle over there. I'm albaNY Hawker whereever I go.

    And thanks to whoever "tidied" my post up.

  3. It was me, please don't be insulted. I'm just trying to keep the margins right.

    Mind if I add a picture?

    IMHO even with the loss of Okeafor, we have now upgraded that position. Not by a lot, but we are younger and bigger.

    Not to mention, we got a hometown boy to boot.

  4. I go there once in a while, but that's not where I got it from. I don't remember for certain what my handle there is, either monkey or monkeyrulz. Not very original I know, but monkey is actually my nickname, and has been for years.
    Besides, my wife gave me the nickname and I like it when she calls me monkey, how can I use anything else?

  5. Blue - no problem with the edits, I appreciate it. How about "teaching me to fish" so you don't have to clean up after me all the time! (albanyhawker@yahoo.com) Go ahead and post the picture too. I grabbed the one from the St. Louise site, but I don't have a server to upload it to.

    And Monkey...she calls YOU that too? (just kidding!!)

  6. I have no idea what to think of this signing...it could be a blessing (dont end up woth Hartwell...therefore using the 1st rounder for a LB) or a hmmmm (could end up with Hartwell...have a chance at a DE who could be better in the 1st round)

    and besides...Fisher was in a contract year...I have no idea what to say about this

    does he have any injury history with the Rams?

    I guess this is ok...


    im tellin you Ruskell...take him to a strip club

  7. You don't need to upload it, you can cheat. If you see a pic you like, right click, then properties, then highlight and copy the url. Use that for your img code. If you want a good working img code, check out your post (in edit mode) and copy the code I used.

    About Bryce Fisher: Did you know he had 27 special teams tackles last year? That's awesome for a DE.

  8. Dang, I just want to say I have a really good feeling about Fisher. I don't think we'll be disappointed. He's actually EXCITED to play here.

  9. Thanks Blue. I had actually cheated after you added the pic to my post and it dawned on me that we could just link back to the original. I probably should be ashamed to admit I'm in IT, but I've got "peeps" who do this for me!

  10. Gents, I have mixed feelings on this signing. I like the fact we signed a productive player with HUGE upside at a reasonable cap number (4 years/10 million) Show-me-the-money Okeafor signed for 5/25, basically a 50% savings over the contract we offered Chike. I expect Bryce will come in here and light it up. I like he on one side and Grant on the other. We REALLY need Tubbs to get to camp on time and in shape! His development this year will key the front 4. I am not sure what to think with Herdon. I think we will extend a contract but I fear Denver will Match any offer they receive. I also would have liked the Garcia signing, but would MUCH rather see Brad Johnson over Flutie or Mier. Seneca is still 1-2 years away. I like his upside but he needs to continue his development. I was excited to see some of the feedback regarding Hartwell. Maybe, just maybe we can get him for Kendrell Bell type numbers to anchor the defensive side of the ball. I would also take Westbrook and ANY second roundpick for SA. Lastly, who did what to piss off Vinny, I noticed he removed himself and hasn't posted anything lately. Hurry back Vin...We all miss you even if we upset you for some reason! Sorry for the ramble but I've been away for the last two days. Great job Blue on this site...YOU ROCK!!! How are you at CB or MLB..., we still need some additional help!

  11. Steel: I agree with you on us getting a good fiscal deal out of this (comparable stats, and for half the cash, and a hometown boy no less).

    As for Tubbs, and Herdon, well, I guess we'll just have to wait an see. Tubbs was a first round, and he better start producing like it ;).

    Johnson is definately the best of the three quarterbacks, there is no way in hell I want Mirer back, nor Testeverdi (that bastard has screwed us over too many times). Flutie is at the age point where I wouldn't want to risk it.

    As for Hartwell, here is a quote from the Ravens Insider (http://ravens.scout.com/2/360409.html):

    ""Linebacker Ed Hartwell was "very, very impressed" with the Seattle Seahawks, particularly defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes, his agent Harold Lewis said. Lewis said he hopes this is Hartwell's final visit. ..."

    What I like about this, is it correllates well with this quote (from Hartwells agent), from the PI (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/football/216001_hawk15.html):

    ""It's not going to be the highest bidder; it's going to be the team that he really wants to play for the most," his agent, Harold Lewis, said yesterday. "When you do it this way, you're doing it for the right reasons.""

    That is definately encouraging news. He's supposedly still here, as well, so maybe, just maybe we'll have a deal done by tommorow.

    As for Shaun, I think that trade to Philly is a joke, and I don't really see why they would do it. But, this was already discussed in it's specific thread.

    I wonder if we could somehow convince both Hartwell, and Surtain to sign for ~7 million combined, then we could trade away SA for a second, or a couple thirds or something, and be practically trading salaries.

    PS: I finally signed up for blogger. I don't like how they force you to make your own, though, so I'll never really do anything with it.

  12. Oh yeah, as for Vin, I never did see what that was about either. I ended up stumbling across it at the tail end of the "fight", or something. *shrug*

  13. I dont care about anything but Hartwell right now...

    as for Vinny...someone was just monkeying around...wink wink

    it was just a debate though..i guess it got outta hand?

  14. Guys, it is the "we" that make this site something special. If we didn't have different Ideas and opinions, why in the hell would I log on to this site? We need to be able to state an opinion, debate an opinion, and not let our panties get all wadded-up over something we all have a passion for. If we all don't bleed blue then we should be over at the PI site talkin bout the FO changes. You all are the best!!!!

    Go Hawks!!!

  15. I don't know why I keep aggrevating myself by going to Seahawks.com expecting there to be anything actually POSTED...but I do.

    How hard is it to mock up a "So and So Just Signed" page as soon as the guy comes in for a visit, and then have it ready to post one you have the info from the FO on the number of years and amount of money?

    I mean his picture's not gonna change, nor his stats from previous years, so all that's missing is the confirmation from the FO that the deal's been accepted, and the terms of the contract.

    It is UNACCEPTABLE that EVERY OTHER major news source has info on the signing except the official Seattle Seahawks web site.

    Even if they can't announce it until the lawyers have approved, they can at least post that someone's been offered a contract and seems to have accepted it. (like the newspapers do)