Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar!

As I'm watching the moves the front office is making, I can't help but think about the psychological impact we're going to suffer having to root for guys from our hated rivals.

Herndon from Denver, the source of so many years of pain at the hands of that horse-toothed marvel of a QB.

Fisher from the Lambs, our newfound nemisis and perennial division rival.

And now Jurivicius and Darby from the Bucs, the fair-haired step brother who is the same age, on the honor-roll, and "made it" with the head cheerleader, while we haven't even gotten to the prom!

I'm gonna be behind these guys the whole way next year, but I'm sure I'm going to have some issues to work out in the proverbial 50-minute hours! Ah, what the f*ck....I'll only find out it's all my mother's fault, or something to do with toilet training anyway.

GO SEAHAWKS....Whoever you may be!!!!


  1. LOL, WOW

    Never did I expect myself to visit this blog and chuckle at obscure references to oedipous complex and phallic symbols in freudian philosophy.

    I noticed you posted this @ 5:55 and you're just now getting a reply. Ya think this might be over our heads? ;)

  2. i dont understand half the things you people say

    oedipous? phallic? freudian?

    sounds french

  3. I'm not sure how to explain it, ADP without boring everybody, but alba's post is full of psychology cracks.

    Phychology's abandoned founding father, Sigmond Freud (pictured, and the basis of freudian) had this beleif that peoples' psychological makeup was formed at an early age, and based upon a sexual attraction to the parent of the opposite sex (called an oedipus complex). Many adult behaviors such as smoking a cigar are actually basically motivated my this complex, and things like a cigar often become phallic symbols, (or "like a dick" to you and me).

    All this makes his title and picture very funny to me, but DAMN!! That's obscure!!

  4. you're about to make me have another Hartwell Signed dream...

    ill read the second half when I wake up...or the next time I have insomnia :P

    nahhh...sometimes not getting it, is just not getting it

    remember im the womanizing, athletic, popular, pay everyone to do my homework for me or give puppy eyes to get chicks to help me or give me gum- type of guy who sleeps in class every day...I only remember like 2 things from each class I took in high school

    so im absolutely clueless...come to think of did I make it out without failing at all?

    I kept passing classes with a 60.1% (no lie...twice in algebras 1 and 2...and once in English)

  5. while im at it...

    shoutout to Tyler for doing that last art project for me so I could pass and graduate (needed that final credit)

    and to all the chicks that helped me make that damned clay sculpture

  6. I, personally, didn't think the Freudian stuff was obscure at all (then again, I am rather read, I'm not a Rams fan afterall ;)).

    Just a post to say that I like the subtle humor going on here, keep it up! Maybe someday I'll be a contributer, and could participate in your dissing of double entrendes.

  7. HAH! JFK told Alba to "Keep it up!"

    Ha ha ha ha, he's clever and doesn't even know it!

    Thanks JFK for the unintended chuckle!

    Say Alba, got an extra stogie on ya?

  8. Are you sure I didn't mean that as a pun ;). Also, that should be "dishing double entendres" ;)

  9. Yeah, and you were putting out stuff with two meanings...... :)