Friday, March 25, 2005

A Viscious Reciever

Finally a signing that is more than just adding depth.

It's official, The Seahawks announced Friday the signing of WR Joe Jurevicius to a one-year contract.

The seven-year veteran has 178 career receptions for 2,316 yards and 13 touchdowns. He’s played in 88 career games with 22 starts while playing for the New York Giants (1998-2001) and most recently Tampa Bay (2002-2004).

“He is a selfless player who understands what it takes to win in this league,” said Seahawks President Tim Ruskell.


  1. Where do you see him in our lineup? I don't think he's a #1.

  2. What can be more appropriate in Seattle than a nice tall cup of Joe! Oh yea, a tall cup of Joe with GREAT HANDS!!!

    I loved this guy when he was with the Giants...hope he's still got some gas left in the tank.

    Nothing definitive on KFFL, just this:

    Seahawks | Still Negotiating with Jurevicius - from
    Fri, 25 Mar 2005 10:49:05 -0800

    The Seattle Times reports free agent WR Joe Jurevicius (Buccaneers) could be joining the Seattle Seahawks soon. His agent, Neil Cornrich, has been involved in contract negotiations with the Seahawks for the past week and said he is optimistic of working out something with Seattle.

  3. I guess it's no longer just a Viscous Rumor!!!

    I think K-Rob will still be #1 but he'll be #2 or #3 for sure.

    And how about BREAKING news yet again. That Ruskell guy is making differences in ALL areas of the organization!

  4. I agree, he's probably not #1, but I do see him as sort of sharing that #2 role with the Grip. Actually, I love this signing, he's tall and has good hands which should make him a favorite for Hass when he needs to make a desperation throw. Unlike KRob or D Jack who are either open because they ran a good route or they are shut down, Visious is tall enough to go up and get a few desperation throws, I think that he'll be a good security blanket for Hass.

  5. I was kind of thinking the same thing. 1 year deal seems good for us as well. Where does this put Bobby now? I love him as our 3rd, but I think Joe is better. Should the Hawks think about 4 receiver sets?

  6. I reckon hill fill the role the Rice filled for us last year, and then provide insurance for Koren Robinsons seemingly inevitable conduct detrimental to the team suspensions.

    Lock Jackson in at #1, Engram at #3, and neither will be moved. Koren is the #2, but that is certainly not guarenteed to last. That puts Jurevicious at #4, or #2, depending, and Urban at #5, which is too bad, but hey, the way these people drop balls, JJ and Urban could end up contributing significantly. Especially if Holmgrem returns to his WCO philosophy of distributing the ball around, unlike last year.

  7. And what's up with being the first website to post this news? Isn't that a little odd?

  8. No doubt check, usually they are three days behind everyone else. alba said it must have something to do with the new Ruskell administration, one can only hope. It would be nice to see the so called "official" Seahawks site become a site actually worth visiting. In my opinion, when you go to just about every single team there has a much better site than ours. It's very dissapointing.

  9. Yeah, we should just convince to link their "news" heading directly to 12seahawksstreet. That way fans could actually get news, when its, uh, new?

  10. You know, the more I think about it, if he's healthy, he really could be our #2 guy. Does anyone remember the Bucs Superbowl game he had where he went monkey shit? He had somehting like 165 yards on eight catches including a 70 yard catch for a TD. That's off the top of my head, so my numbers may be a bit off, but the point is he absolutely blew up in the super bowl. He's got that kind of ability, but the last two years was never healthy. His agent is saying (and apparently the Hawks agree) that he is finally completely healthy again. The more I think about this signing, the more I like it! I think J.J. will end up being our sure handed #2 guy who will cathc alot of TD's because of his height.

  11. Could this signing mean that a draft day trade of K Rob is in the offing? Hmmmm...
    And where does this leave Jerome Pathon? Do the Hawks still pursue him? If they do does that mean that K Rob is on his way outta town? Tune in next week to as the Seahawk turns.

  12. “He is a selfless player who understands what it takes to win in this league,” said Seahawks President Tim Ruskell.

    You know, you gotta hand it to Ruskell. He said that he had a plan, which was based on character type players and bygum he's doing it. Vicius is exactly the "type" of player that I persoanlly have always admired and rooted for, the high quality hard work keep your nose clean and play HARD type of player this team needs so desperately. This is exactly the kind of player that Okeafor hinted was missing from the Hawks when he made the comments he did. Funny, after Okeafor made those desparaging remarks, we heard some mutterings and grumblings from the players, but no one came out and said "he's wrong", that's because in their heart of hearts, they know that he was right. This team hasn't been a quality team for some time now, with the inmates running the assylum and just too many punks like K Rob. Nice to see Ruskell is serious about doing something about that, this Vicious signing is yet another step in that direction.

    One last thing, I noticed that along with attendence at the training camp being up, Hass (now that he has signed his contract) is becoming much more vocal, is talking to the media and using the media to put pressure on players to get into camp. I LOVE IT! Hass is stepping up and taking control of this team. THAT is just what we need.

  13. I was pretty excited about that too, especially with what Dilfer said about handing full leadership to Hass.

  14. BTW, I was wrong, it wasn't the super bowl game where he blew up, it was the NFC championship game against the Eagles where J.J. blew up and went monkey shit. If I recall, he had something like 165 yards recieving that game including a 65 yd TD grab. He was AWESOME in that game, I'll never forget that game because Jurivicius nearly single handedly killed the Eagles defense all game long, they just couldn't find an answer for him. I really became a fan of J.J. that day. He has the skills and ability to become the #2 guy here as long as he is finally healthy.

    You know, I just thought of who he reminds me of, another one of my favorite "good guys", Ed McCaffree! Jurivicius reminds me alot of good ole easy Ed. They are both tall, white, good hands, hard working types of players who will take a hit over the middle. They both throw their bodies around as blockers, even when they are really out of the play. The more I think about this signing, the more I like it!

  15. Here's some answers to the questions posted in the previous Comments:

    Seahawks | Unlikely to Pursue Gardner Trade - from
    Fri, 25 Mar 2005 13:47:11 -0800's Len Pasquarelli reports with the signing of WR Joe Jurevicius, the Seattle Seahawks will likely end their pursuit to acquire WR Rod Gardner from the Washington Redskins.

    Seahawks | Unlikely to Pursue Pathon - from
    Fri, 25 Mar 2005 13:47:09 -0800's Len Pasquarelli reports with the signing of WR Joe Jurevicius, the Seattle Seahawks will likely end their pursuit of free agent WR Jerome Pathon (Saints), who recently visited with the club.

    Seahawks | Jurevicius Likely to Become No. 4 WR - from
    Fri, 25 Mar 2005 13:44:21 -0800's Len Pasquarelli reports Seattle Seahawks WR Joe Jurevicius will likely assume the fourth wide receiver role behind WRs Koren Robinson, Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram next season. There is a possibility Jurevicius could challenge Engram for the third spot.

  16. Nice! Way to find those so quickly alba!
    I'm not 100% sure I agree with Pasquerellis opinion that he'll be the #4 though, we'll see. It would seem most likely but we'll see, I have a feeling that before the season's over, Vicius might just be our #2 guy.
    It's kinda too bad about not pursiung the other guys, that definitely means that the Hawks are buying into K Rob's act by showing up for camp. Too bad, a leopard never changes his spots, he'll only break our hearts yet again. I would rather bring in Pathon or Gardner and get rid of the Grip once and for all. Oh well, at least since it's a contract year for the grip, maybe he will pull it together long enough to earn a big paycheck with another team. At least we'll finally be rid of him once and for all one way or another at the necd of this season. Unless *gulp* we decide to use the franchise tag on him, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (music from psycho in background) Now there's a nightmare!

  17. Don't be so sure monkey.

    Ruskell has been adamant about the quality of person, dedication, and work ethic desired, and I still don't see the "the Grip" falling into that category. I do expect K-Rob to get his shot at the beginning of the season, but I don't believe that discontinued persuit of Gardener and Pathon is exclusive of replacing K-Rob. There are still players of the quality that Ruskell seeks on the roster, remembering that they already resigned Jerheme Urban URBAN URBAN!

  18. Monkey, I want to comment on what you said at 1:00:45, about Matt.

    I'm still of the opinion that talent wise he could be 'our' Brett. He's become the leader and general on the field that Brett is.

    And short of having the canon Brett's got, he's got the delivery and vision. He even throws about the same number of ints.

    (I'll catch hell for this later.)

  19. First order of business with our newest WR...get a new freaking picture of him BEFORE he goes through two-a-days!!!

    Man, I don't know whether to be psyched about signing him, or worry that he just knocked over a 7-11!

    How can someone be a quality character guy and look like one of the Usual Suspects in his press photo?


  20. Vinny, you won't cathc hell from me about that! I couldn't agree more! In fact I would even go further and say that Hass is the closest thing in the NFL to Brett Favre without actually being Brett Favre.
    Hass has that same kind of magical ability to make plays on the run or make something out of nothing. Yes he still throws too many picks, but on that note, his recievers don't help much there either. In fact, his recievers are usually the cause of most of his picks, because they run lousy routes, or have no sense of communication or they bobble the pass until it's picked (I can't tell you how many times I saw that last year) etc...
    We may disagree about Alexander Vinny, but we'll never disagree about Hass, I think he's going to become a GREAT NFL QB, and I truly believe that before his time is up here, he'll have led us to at least one super bowl. I really believe that about Hass, he just has that kind of ability.

  21. I don't like the signing. Urban should be the 4th receiver, and the addition of Jurevicious catapults him back down a spot. I'm hoping one of the guys goes down so Urban can show what he's got, yet again, which is: sure hands, decent speed, a big body, and the ability to catch the ball in traffic. I agree with check - Urban URBAN, URBAN!

  22. Well Munch, apparently the guys IN THE KNOW (the coaches and Ruskell), don't think Urban's a lock at the 4th WR spot.

    I also like what I saw last year, but that doesn't make him THE GUY, he still has things to prove.

    So the signing of JJ is a sound decision for a team that had a huge problem at the WR position.

  23. Signing JJ now will be exactly the thing that may make Urban the guy in a year or two.

    He's being brought in for the same reasons Jerry Rice was, which is to teach our young corp of receivers how to be professionals, how to stay focused, and how to catch the damned ball.

    Better than Rice, this guy's a clutch receiver in a LB's body.

    Maybe we can even put him on special teams and have him return kicks and punts!

  24. Is this the same guy that used to never take fair catches on kick returns with the Huskies? That cute-as-willie-bloomquist guy that fans loved, but really wasn't all that spectacular?

    Oh wait. That was 1998 Huskies MVP Joe Jarzynka

    Sorry. My bad. Does this mean that Pathon (Jarzynka's former teammate) is out of the question?

  25. Yep, WR positions are filled!