Thursday, March 24, 2005

Talking Heads?

The Shout Out conversation on Colin Cowherd reminds me of a post I made to the Seattle Times site awhile ago, about which Sports Talk Radio shows you listen to regularly.

Being on the East cost, my mornings start with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, because I find their banter entertaining, and they usually have good stories and interviews. (on commercials I swith to Imus!)

At lunch time if I'm driving around, I'll tune in Jim Rome. Sure he's an egotistical wind-bag, but I kind of like his "take no prisoners" schtick. Some of his callers are entertaining, but some are just plain annoying.

He used to be up against Tony Kornheiser, who I like on ESPN Sports Reporters, but can't take in large doses. One thing I DID like about Kornheiser's show was that if a caller started with "Hi Tony How Are You?" he was cut off! I know it's a common way to start a conversation, but let's face it, it wastes a lot of air time to hear 20 callers in a row ask the host "how are you?"

I do like Colin Cowherd because he strays from the pure sports conversation from time to time, and makes obsure references or analogies to the games. Juding from my posts here and on other forums, does this surprise anyone??!!

Dan Patrick is a little too full of himself, and I can't stand Rob, Ron, Rick errr that Dibble guy, but on a long-winded commercial break from Rome, I've been known to tune in!

There, now we have an official topic for others to post their opinions of the Sports Talk Radio daily menu!


  1. I really don't like any talk radio,
    all host are to full of themselves.
    Dan Patrick is to full of himself not to mention he goes on way to long without talking about sports.
    Cowheard makes way to many lame statements.Rome is ok but the callers and the lingo turn me off it.I hate how if rome don't like what your saying will hang up.

  2. But the funniest thing I ever heard was when Najeh Davenport got busted for taking a dump in some broads wicker hamper.courtesy of rome.