Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rumor from John Clayton, (which I had already reported a long time ago)

From ESPN, "The Saints hope to have a Darren Howard trade by the end of the week, and one team to watch is the Seahawks. Desperate for defensive help after cutting linebacker Anthony Simmons and losing cornerback Ken Lucas and defensive end Chike Okeafor in free agency, the Seahawks are running out of options to get help at defensive end. They aren't as interested in Titans cornerback Andre Dyson, who wants and should get around $5 million a year."

I reported earlier that one NFC had reportedly had discussions with the Saints about Howard and that team was likely, the Seahawks. The Saints are apparently looking for a second round pick as compensation.

What do you guys think about this possiblility? I like the idea, despite the fact that Howard has had some injury problems, a second round pick really isn't asking too much for a guy who had 11 sacks in a season and is big enough to play DT. Howard is also young at 27 yrs. of age, but still has experience.


  1. I beat Clayton to this by about 4 days. I'm gettin good at this scooping stories stuff. *sound of back being patted*

    I actually think that this has a very high probability of happening, about 80% chance, we'll see if I'm right. I nailed the Dilfer thing a week before it happened, we'll see if I go 2 for 2.

  2. if we were so depeserate for defensive help then how come we haven't signed anyone yet?

    amazing how conservativity is killing this team, on and off the field...

    Howard is underrated and a good fit...but who gets traded? and also...why upgrade at DE when that is the most likely option in the draft

    I say start at LB...then CB...then get the DE out of the way...



    oh, and good job monkey...its nice to see you evolving with the rest of the humans :P

  3. Nice scoop, monkey. *sound of a$$ being patted* It's nice to see you put your opposable thumbs to good use.

    27 is a perfect age, I think. The experience and physical development are combining to a peak. That's the age we picked up Oke, if I remember right.

    I'm all for the trade, assuming his contract is reasonable. 11 sacks don't come by accident, and is a certain improvement.

    But I still think signing Hartwell should come first! Amen to ADP, because if we just add water to the draft we have instant DE this year.

  4. one of three things is happening right now

    1. they just aren't getting the players...whether its playing for us or management taking too long

    2. the FO is saving us more cap next year...

    3. the FO is rebuilding the team...keeping their core players on offense, but rebuilding the defense through this years draft and next years free agency

    im beginning to think #3 is underway

    im getting impatient...its sad when they get beat out by the Mariners FO...


    another words...Anthony Thomas, or any other barely-backup quality players

    everyone who knows me, knows im optimistic and hopeful...but its kinda hard to stay positive when the free agency is drying up and your team has done nothing but lose players

    they jumped the gun on releasing Anthony Simmons

  5. ADP, if you payed attention you'd know Simmons is gone mainly because of his off field/lockerroom problems.

    All bad apples must be tossed out of the basket. Next on the list of wormy MacIntoshes...Alexander.