Saturday, March 19, 2005

Who would you draft with our #1 pick

Since our Hawks news is lackluster at best who would you draft with our number one and what position would you look for in the second and third?


  1. 1 - Derrick Johnson
    1 realistically - Shawn Merriman and put him at OLB...or some other LB

    2 - WR
    3 - CB

  2. I'm all for Merriman, also.

    It depends on who we are able to sign before draft day, but I agree we need a WR, CB, and a center.

    Some depth at FB is a need also, since Evans is gone and strong is antique, but those guys are usually picked up in later rounds.

  3. if you would of gave me a 4th or 5th rounder, I would of said FB (prolly 5th)

  4. And remember, we ahve an extra 4th

  5. 1)Pass rusher
    3)O-lineman (C or T) as long as the can pass protect.

  6. I don't think Mariman will be there,it would be nice if that were so.

    1-Clayton from OU,if he were there we would be dumb not to grab him.

    2-Robert McCune Louisville,MLB,
    a physical specimen and a class guy.

    3rd and beyond go with the best available.seems going best available you get the better players.
    If Mark Clayton were to fall to us
    its a no brainer,he is a very good fit for our offence great hands and can run with the ball.

  7. A WR as our first pick? With the in-yer-face need for a MLB and a pass rusher?

    Yes we need a WR out of the draft, but I don't think using our #1 is the prudent way to go.

    There are plenty of WRS in the draft with good hands, we need a pass rusher firstand foremost. Don't you agree?

  8. If we were to get Berret Ruud from Nabraska would be a very good player at MLB,But I think by adding Fisher and Hernden allows us to take thebest player available.We have gotten better players when we have picked the best available,look at Koren Robinson and Jeremy Sstevens both players we drafted out of necesity.
    And we got burned on both,if in the top ten we pick for our needs.
    I would rather get a good ball player then take a chance on someone out of need.