Saturday, March 19, 2005

Anyone Want To See a Good Chartric?

Looks like Ruskell pulled another ace from his sleeve, and he didn't have to go "all in" to get him!

The PI is reporting we just signed him to a 3year, $3M contract, with an $800k signing bonus. We may need to change our name to the Seattle Sea-Bucs, but if these guys can get the job done, I'm all for it.

Here's the "Deal" on Chartric Darby

Too bad he wasn't from Kentucky, I wouldn't have to go with the "card trick" reference!!!


  1. I guess this means they aren't waiting around for Edg'er you giving me a crapload of money or not'ton Hartwell

  2. we're ignoring him and shoring up other players

    Char wouldn't be too bad in the long as it doesnt affect Rashard Moore, whom I feel is a better player...and is starting to improve

  3. Looks like the Seahawks are doing everything possible to build DEPTH on the defensive line, so as not to get caught in another nightmare like last season.

  4. **UGH**

    Yeah, Kentucky would have been nice...

    He could get soem good nicknames still, though, to go with 'Darby'.

    "Home Run" (Wrong sport, though)
    "Demolition" (I'd pick that if I were him)
    "Soap Box" (Maybe when he becomes a coach)
    "Tearance Trent" (If he pursues a singing career)

    All kidding aside, this should be interesting. I was disturbed at first about his lack of size (6', 270 lbs) but the arctive you mentioned has this to say:

    After spending his first season on the practice squad, Darby developed into a stout run stopper and also became a disruptive force in the middle of the defensive line for the Buccaneers, despite his lack of bulk and strength. Darby compensates with explosiveness off the ball and the ability to run down ballcarriers.

    With our 'DT by committee' situation, this might just work out. If he doesn't have the bulk to be effective full time, he's in the perfect situation to make a killing when he comes in fresh.

    There's going to be some serious competition in this position in training camp, eh?

  5. Hmmm... The Pi says he is 270 lbs, but say 298.

    Guess I'll just have to trust Ruskell that the man can is a baller either way.

  6. Looks like the PI weighed him BEFORE lunch!

  7. lol

    that sounds like something a sitcom would put a button-pushed crowd laugh for

  8. On the other hand, maybe they weighed him After dissin' Terry.

    (cricket sounds)

  9. Cricket sounds nuthin! I still think that Dissin Terry is my favorite headline yet.

    Reminds me of the comic I saw when I was young and did not get until many years later.

    It showed a mother goose with the baby goose saying "Mama, will I have diarrhea my whole life?"

    It wasn't until several years later that I heard the saying "like sh!t through a goose" did I truly understand it.

    Chris Terry went through our Seahawks organization with the same expediancy, thus the pure comical genius of the headline.

    And for ADP, here's another one of my favorite comics that I saw in Playboy, that given your self-described persona, I think you'll LOVE.

    It showed a man getting out of bed with a hot babe after obviously just "doin it" and as he's getting dressed, he's saying to her "In the morning? Hell. I don't even respect you now!"

    Go Seahawks!

  10. Whoopee sh!t. Another no name defender for depth. I'm so freakin sick of these stupid little crapa$$ signings that aren't doing anything to help one of the league's worst defences. And I don't care if they're playing for the veteran mimimum or not. And don't you dare compare what Seattle are doing to what New England have accopmplished. This isn't even close. Ray's D seems to require players, not schemes. Or his schemes really stink.

    Bentley, Herndon, Darby and Fisher? Bently and Darby are nobodies, Herndon is a step down from Lucas and Fisher is the same as Okeafer. Someone plaese tell me how this is an upgrade. What's the next priority? More depth at full back? Another punter for increased competition? Bring back Cortez for even more depth at DT?

    Forgive the venting, but 20+ years of futility and these dumba$$ signings are really driving me insane. My anger is making me very stupid, so someone, please, explain to me how these signings are taking the D to the next level.

  11. Hmmmmmm,

    David Givens,Richard Seymour,Willie McGinest,Ty Warren,Tedy Bruschi,Mike Vrabel,Roman Phifer,Ty Poole,Jeff Burris,Troy Brown,Dieon Branch,Asante Samul.........I could go on, but won't.

    These were no named guys a few years ago, who are they now?

  12. Trust me dude, it's not yer anger making you stupid........

  13. 1) Who should they have gotten to take Lucas' spot?


    3)Huff and Simmons'?

    Comeon you've got the complaints, how about some answers.

    By teh way you're dead on about Ray's style of defense, it 'is' based on players abilitys and instincts, just as the Pats defense is. It's all about playing the football, going to where the football is. Why do you thing we had so many Ints even with the poor pass-rush we had?

    Because players moved to teh ball! If you have playmakers ya don't need great plays!

  14. Jeez Vin, maybe its just beacuase I'm on the East Coast and I am force fed way too much Patriots stuff (I hate them by the way), but Richard Seymour, Willie McGinest, Roman Phifer, Ted Johnson, Ted Bruschi, et al, do not fall into the same no-name category as Kevin Bentley and Chuck Darby.

    I may not have the answers to the Seahawks problems, but I can tell you that they now have as many DTs on the roster as they have LBs, and they haven't addressed the LB situation at all. Take away the minimum salaries to Darby and Jurivicious (2 players who we don't need), and all of a sudden you've got the 5 mil a year for one of the better CBs, instead of 3 mil a year for an OK one. Maybe Herndon will be fine, but if no one in front of him can tackle or pressure the QB, who cares.

  15. With Brown, Lewis, White Koutevides, Bates, and perhaps Hartwell, what is tehre to address?

    What do you want to Erickson our way through this? (or would that be Whitsitt) "Let's buy a bunch of big names!" that will still eat up cash and may not produce.

    As I said, "WHO" 'do' you want?

    Is there a big name you had in mind? Do you have one in mind now?

    What exactly would 'YOU' have done differently?

    Enquiring minds wanna know!

  16. Whoopee sh!t. Another no name defender for depth. I'm so freakin sick of these stupid little crapa$$ signings that aren't doing anything to help one of the league's worst defences.

    OK Nova, time to "hand slice" you up.

    First of all, the word is DEFENSE, that's spelled D-E-F-E-N-S-E. I'm not a good speller myself, but this is a fairly straightforward football word, so you should be able to get it straight!

    Unless you're from London, or holding up a large D, and a white pickett fence, please use the preferred US spelling!

    Second, I think you're sucumbing to ESPN syndrome which says just because you recognize the guys name, he's a better player, or better value that the guy your teams has been signing.

    I too was anxious at the beginning of FA and thought the Seahawks were sitting on their asses, but as the dust settles and the smoke clears, it looks like we're taking the most prudent and responsible route.

    Signing big name FAs is usually the reaction of a team trying ANYTHING to make themselves competitive, or indicates a coach and/or front office fearful for their jobs (see Erikson and Whittless) or a team trying to put fannies in the seats. (he-he I said fannies!)

    The truth of the matter is that without injuries last year, our defense (note the S) was NOT a 26th ranked unit, so these depth players only make a good unit better, assuming we don't get crushed with starters going down again this season.

    We've only lost one bonafide star in Lucas, but from what I'm reading about Herndon, he's looking for an opportunity to take his game to the next level. Truth is, who would Lucas be if he were playing behind Champ Bailey?

    Fisher is a plug replacement for Okeafor, except for the fact that he's a local boy who will be motivated to play well against the team that wouldn't re-sign him.

    Sure, Oki and Huff will have the same attitude with Zona next season, but that's okay.

    So, as Vinny said, unless you want to indicate WHO it is that the Seahawks should have signed and why they would have been better moves, please let us know.

    I don't read the Enquirer (check your spelling too Vin) but I'd still like to know!

  17. Nova -

    Before I touch off an international incident with my last post, please don't take it as off colour, and excuse my behaviour, but it's just now dawning on me that you're probably in Nova Scotia where "defence" is an acceptable form of the word.

    The stuff about the signings still stands though, unless you want to prove otherwise.

    And in case there's nobody from the 12 tribes on the board, here's a little nosh to help you figure out the "hand slice" crack.

    (I'm not a member of the tribes, but I did marry in!)

  18. He's right, Nova. It's easy to criticize FO moves, and basically say they were stupid. But if you can't point out what they should have done instead, and be specific, your criticisms are no smarter.

    And if you say, "we should have signed so-and-so," be sure to say how to make it affordable, too.

    If you can answer them, I'll give you a 'cigar'.

    Let me school you a little something about acquiring affordable talent, Mr. Scotia.

    A truly good judge of talent will acquire players that WILL BECOME great. Their play exceeds their paycheck, because they are in the process of earning the next big contract. A wise GM will let those players that are not absolutely critical to their system be overpaid somewhere else when their contract runs out, and replace them with another upstart talent. (i.e., the Patriots). This is how a good judge of talent can give a team the most bang for buck, bringing in players that perform at a high level while they are still affordable.

    A poor judge of talent will acquire talent that WAS GREAT and made a name for themselves with their previous team. The Redskins under Dan Snyder are notorious for this, paying huge salaries to players AFTER they had played on that superior level. The Raiders have pulled it a few times, too, (Warren Sapp, for one). End result: Overpaid, mediocre performance for an all-pro salary.

    I disagree with your summation of the FO activities. All their decisions have been sound, (although Bentley seems most questionable, but at least he's cheap). If anything is percieved as WORSE, it's because we are in the middle of fixing Whitsitt's mess.

    Thanks for posting, your comments are always welcome, especially when you're wrong.

  19. Wow, it doesn't take much to create a ripple on this 5 man blog . I've been watching you guys argue about the same things I post, yet you all gang up on me. Maybe where I'm new I should let you know where I stand. If you don't agree, please feel free to $hit all over me some more. There are only five of you afterall. And please, take this with a grain of salt. I only want to share ideas and opinions, not insults. And, I'm pretty drunk (Canadian beer is much stronger thasn Yankee beer)and have just had my daily marijuana sandwich. Plus, I only got one kidney. Must be some kind of disability sympathy that I qualify for. Here goes:

    1. This is a football blog, not a spelling blog. If spelling is a big faux-pas please let Thinny Skinny Vinny know that the word is "the" not "teh". Can't count how many times I've seen that one. Teh-Teh (misspelled laughter).

    2. I'm fully aware that we have some cleaning up of Whitsitt's crap to do, however, signing guys who will not improve this team, even if it is for the league minimum is not wise.... especially seeing how Hutch , Banana Hands #1 and' of course, Alexander are all in contract years. And we know what contract years do, don't we Mr. Lucas.

    3. The FO signed "the big 3". Yay!!!! Again, this is cleaning up Whitsitt's $hit. No team should ever have three guys that important in contract years at the same time. I'm happy, but this was obviously priority #1. No credit for that. Well maybe a little, because they did go about it in the proper way, franchising Alexander and all.

    4. Hartwell - I would love to see him sign, but seeing as how we're in a nickel 75% of the time, and really need a puss rusher more, is this a wise investment? Besides, Boulaware is the perfect nickel LB/S. I thought we should have done something to move up last year to get Williams or Vilma, but we didn't. I said it then, I'll say it again: Tubbs is overrated and won't amount to much. Just like Stevens, was a real reach.

    5. Unless we want Indianapolis Part II (all O, no D), we need some talent, not depth, at LB. Two undrafted free agents and a guy (who I love) on the downside of his career aren't gonna cut it.

    I'm not here to argue, just wanna talk to some other Seahawks blood and share some opinions. Please let me know what's going on out there, and forgive me if I was too harsh on the FO in my previous posts. And remember, I'm pro-Seattle, no need to insult just cuz I'm Canadian (hell, J.P. Darche is Canadian ... and Tommy Kane is a murderer in the Canadian courts... you guys may actually owe me some props)

  20. for what its worth, I have no problem with you at all, I understand the concept of 'opinion'

    we're basically here because the PI is dead, and we actually have freedom to go off topic once in awhile

    plus we're not bombarded by Rams fans

    and I must say, I highly agree with you on last year's draft...I REALLY wanted us to land Vilma or we needed a LB more then a DT (then again, our DTs were below average, and they certainly didnt play like they did last year)

    Vilma was by far my favorite player in the draft...

  21. I think the opinions you have that rub the others, the wrong that you criticize some of the moves made so far...

    I think it would be easier if everyone said this a simple way: its for depth...none of us expect these guys to be starters (except Herndon, maybe...which ironically we had other options)...but the rest, we really dont have many other options without overspending and such

    im confused how everyone got in an argument over it...but I dunno...I dont mind opinions...thats why I never argue with Vinny (unless he gets sarcastic with me...;) )

  22. I don't have a problem with you either Nova, as long as you can be critical and constructive at teh same time, but to just come out and start raggin' on the FO for moves that were #1 smart and #2 the best moves avaialable.

    I agree, in hindsight, that they should have gone for Vilma, not so sure about Williams, but those were all decisions made last year and last year is over, as is in fighting between Holmgren and his superiors.

    Your' last post is what should've been your' first post. You complaints WITH your' reasoning, and solutions.

    I never aid ya couldn't voice your' opinion, I just prefere if you do it by being constructive and not just hateful.

    And by the way, my mistyping of 'the' is a typo, not a lack of spelling knowledge.

  23. "Five Man Board"? Really?

    Hmmmm, seems to me there are eight on the contributors list not to mention the number of folks visitinga nd checking in for info.

    So that comment was a little uninformed, another reason I got on ya, you make comments with no basis in fact.

  24. At least he's right about it doesn;t take much to make a ripple -- cuz it wasn't much, and it did ripple.

    Yep, peace and respect to my fellow blue bleeding, Seahawks lovin', trapped in the great white north Nova.

    BTW: Most of us have expressed the basic meaning of our 'handles', and we've kidded you about yours -- Are you really in Nova Scotia? Or is it something else?

  25. Nova - in the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka..."Lighten up, Francis!"

    We weren't attacking you personally, and I think we all agree that this board is about posting one's opinions. We just wanted to know where your criticism was based and what you would have done differently. I guess now we do.

    To the rest of us, (myself included) let's try to keep this from deteriorating into the flame-fest that are so prevalent on the fan forums. Since this is a bit of a closed community, let's treat each other with the respect that we deserve by being invited to join.

    I'm all for good natured ribbing, and embellishing or exagerrating to support your point (i.e. 5 member blog site) but let's stay away from the "your ideas are stupid" and "you don't know Jack" direct attacks that server no purpose.

    Vinny, that means that only your NICE personality is allowed to post here....Send Sybil and the rest of the boys over to the ST or PI sites!

    (see, that's good natured ribbing that's mildly entertaining to the rest of us, and doesn't get Vinny PI/ST off, cuz I didn't come right out and call him a crazy lunatic who's off his meds!)