Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Polishing Turds

I just don't understand why we haven't delt off Koren Robinson yet,I think at this point we can still get a cheese sandwitch or something for the guy.It is time to rid our team of distractions
and problems.It seems in the draft that the biggest requirment to be a reciever is having top end speed and size,I never heard much about Robinson until after the combine.The talking in the latest draft is about the top two recievers but a guy who people almost dismiss is Mark Clayton a guy who is tough,goes over the middle great hands and an excellent rout runner.
Reminds me of guys like Hines Ward or Derrick Mason,this thread may not have a point
but I am tired of drafting recievers who can run higher and jump faster.How about drafting recievers that can catch the ball and run good routs.Who the hell is Troy Williamson,never heard
of him until the combine.

I don't get Coach Holmgrens Boner for Robinson,I got it we can package up both Robinson and Stevens send them to Oakland for one of Al Davis's sweet jump suits.


  1. Hmmmmm, maybe because he's still 'potentailly' one of the best WRS in the league? Maybe they're saving him for a trade in the Draft, maybe they want to stick with a kid that has promise but just needs help, maybe they think he's got the skills and has beaten his personal problems. Haven't you ever been able to quit a habit? I've quit three in three years, cigarettes, MJ, and booze.

    Maybe Koren's matured and gotten his act together. Ya don't ask someone to go through treatment, invest all that time and money(I'm sure they payed for it)just to release them without finding out if they've gotten better. Not a wise business move.

    Wouldn't want you as a freind, family member, or employer.

  2. And one other thing i just thought of, maybe Robinson and Jackson are greaty route runners who can't finish their routes due to the fact we've had no pass protection.

  3. I never questioned Jacksons rout running justs his hands,he productive though.

    Addiccted to Ecstasy Vin,Vin you don't get addicted to that stuff,
    you take it because you want to.
    I had done plenty in my day,the stuffs not addicting.Same thing as acid or mushrooms you don't quit you grow out of it,take it from someone who has done way to much of it.At a certain point you say
    I'm done,and that pooint is
    around 18-19 years old when you have more responsibility and to much to think about.That is when a person starts reflecting on where
    that shit has got them.That is when the bad trips start to happen.
    Of coarse being a pampered athlete,
    you don't have stuff to worry about.Your probably one of those people who say Berry Bonds isn't on steroids too.The type who is star struck every time they see someone with some kind of fame.Why
    defend these over paid athlete Vin,
    I accually respect the principal of what Holmgren does in defending Robinson,But you can't polish a turd Vin.

  4. I don't mean to sound like a dick,but I give these pro athletes no slack.Pro athletes have some of the best oppertunitys in the world,
    wheather they like it or not they are role models for kids and they should act accordingly.

  5. There was a great story on the News Tribune site which gave some good background into the Holmy-KDrop relationship, but apparently their site now forces you to register to read their articles.

    Here's the link to the story for what it's worth.

    Go figure!

  6. Beautiful post, SHONUFF. LOL.

    Personally, I think Robinson should be out of second chances. The time to shape up is yesterday. If he screws up any more, I'll take the cheese sandwitch.

    BTW, alba, your link is hosed.

  7. Apparently the Washington Post is reporting that the 'Hawks are a very likely candidate for Gardener, since the 'Skins want a 3rd rnd pick, and we just happened accross an extra one.

  8. I'll try to locate the link, but the reference I found was actually on ESPN Insider, thus non-linkable.

    Is linkable a word?

  9. And Wash. Post is registration required.

  10. Are they registrationable?

  11. OK then, how about cuting-and-pasting the pertinent text from the Insider piece?

  12. Wow! You can do that? WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!

  13. I don't think you can. You can retype it all, but I don't believe you can copy it.

  14. Gardner has one season at $2.097 million left on his contract, and teams reportedly have been reluctant to part with a third-round draft pick – said to be the Redskins' asking price – for a player they could lose after one season.

    However, the Post suggests the Seahawks could be more willing to meet Washington's price after receiving a compensatory pick Tuesday. Seattle now has two third-round and two fourth-round picks.

  15. As I've said before, glad I didn't have guys like you around when I was trying to get my sh*t together.

    Sho, when did I say he was addicted to anything? When did anyone say addicted, I missed it.

    Ya don't have to be addicted to have a dependancy problem, you should know that since you've dealt with it. And I'm pretty sure that you aren't or weren't suffering from the disability that he is.(if in fact the rumors of his ADHD are true)If ya don't suffer from it ya can't assume to understand it.

    Anyway, I'm hoping you're all wrong about him. I have to stick by a guy trying to deal with something I'm dealing with.

  16. Looks like two of our biggest "turds" are taking their first steps to spit-shine their images!

    Read about it in today's PI.