Friday, March 18, 2005

Email Edgerton Hartwell!!!

Mike Sando af the Trib reports that "Linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, who visited Seattle this week, plans to choose between three teams."

Now's our chance! I found Ed Hartwell's web site and he has an email form. Send Edgerton an email, asking him to sign on with the Seahawks. Tell him why it would be such a great move. Do it repeatedly. Ask your freinds to do it. What will it hurt? If he got a phone call from his peeps saying that there was a swarm of email from fans asking him to come to Seattle, that could be just the thing to put us on top.

We don't get to do too many things to make a difference to this team but yell a lot, and now, yell a lot on the internet.

He will reportedly decide by the weekend at the latest. GET CRACKING!!

POST SCRIPT (3/18): I bumped up the date/time stamp on this post so it won't get shelved if you put up any new threads. Post away, my Seahawks brothers!


  1. OK there's at least one plea from a loney fan stuck in Albany!

    (btw, Blue, you should add target="_blank" at the end of your href so the links open in a new window. That way we don't drive traffic off the blog site!)

  2. Sent him an email. I promised I'd buy one of his new Jerseys, if he signed here (and that is a pretty big promise from me, because I'm a poor college student).

    Cool idea, btw.

  3. I sent a huge email...

    if he actuallys reads it between now and his decision...hes coming to Seattle :P

    im ridiculously good with words when it comes to a one on one with someone---thats how I get the hot chicks ;) I threatened him lol

    well actually it was more based on the heartbreak we've been through and how he wants to be a leader, and we need one...and I also pooped on the other two teams involved

    KC? - wont be the leader, and are getting old

    CL? - yeah, they are a SB threat, pfft

    SEA? - one step away

  4. Yup, I emailed him to.

    Focused on how the defense is young and immensly talented, but has been lacking that bonafide leader since Eugene Robinson was traded away. Let him know how much the fan's that know anything really desire his presence in Seattle.

    Here's to hoping.

    hartwell Hartwell HARTWELL HARTWELL

  5. Did anyone think to refer him to this site, or to the PI/ST Fan Forums? I certainly didn't but it just dawned on me now!

  6. [i]Falcons | Frontrunner for Hartwell? - from
    Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:12:34 -0800
    Geoff Hobson, of, reports the Atlanta Falcons are believed to be the frontrunners to acquire free agent LB Ed Hartwell (Ravens), according to Hartwell's agent Harold Lewis. Another undisclosed suitor is also believed to be pursuing Hartwell.

    Bengals | Likely Out of Hartwell Sweepstakes - from
    Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:11:44 -0800
    Geoff Hobson, of, reports the Cincinnati Bengals are unlikely to sign free agent LB Ed Hartwell (Ravens) because of tight salary cap restraints. [/i]

    I'm hoping we're the other undisclosed suiter....

    Anyhow, why would his agent leak a story about the Falcons being the frontrunner? If he WANTED to go there, he would just sign their offer. Sounds to me like he WANTS to go to Seattle (the undisclosed suiter) but that the Falcon offer might be better.

    OK's St. Patty's Day, time to tie one on and write the BIG CHECK like a drunken sailor on shore leave!

  7. Damn those HTML tags and syntax differences between boards!

    Anyway, in a true Beavis and Butthead observation, did you notice that if you abbreviate the two major newspaper's names it kind of spells how the fans will be if we whiff on this Hartwell deal?

    Check my previous post and you'll see!

  8. It occurs to me that Hartwell's agent is a freakin' genius.

    If you'll notice, through this whole process, there have been comments from Hartwell and his agent favoring this team or that team all along.

    When Hartwell's agent said that the visit to Seattle went surprisingly well, he was just taking the crowbar to the other teams and their wallets. When the rumor is that ATL is in the lead, that puts the pressuse on everyone else to up the ante.

    Also, Hartwell's agent has been patient and thorough in shopping him around, knowing that every time he visits another team and acts happy about the opportunity, the other teams feel like they have to make a better offer, because the list of quality LB's available is dwindling down to zero.

    Anyway, that's my theory. I wonder if he's interested in being MY agent?

  9. Lol, NY... If he goes to ATL I'll be PI/ST off, too!

  10. yay I can post again!!!

    Alba, and Blue...I have a contradiction for you guys...

    I mentioned this in the shoutout thingy but got no response so here...

    if you go to the Bengals' site and find the article (2nd or 3rd on the left...confusing site) clearly says...

    "Ravens middle backer Ed Hartwell doesn’t look like he’s headed here. Agent Harold Lewis wouldn’t rule out the Bengals on Wednesday night because they have been in contact and last talked to them “four or five days ago.” But Lewis indicated that the Falcons and another team are the frontrunners and that a decision could be made as soon as Thursday. "

    thats the paragraph...its the Falcons AND one of the other teams (big duh that its us)

    so there is still hope...:)

  11. weird how they said 'a decision could be made thursday' when the article is dated thursday (coulda said 'today')

    anyways...Kffl must be drunk (no surprise as I have been hitting the...erm...Brisk Tea, but enough about me)

    they misquoted...Atlanta is not the clear cut leader, its them and most likely us

  12. I saw something about that KFFL misquote - a subtle innacuracy, but very important to us.

    So it's either Atlanta or Seattle. Email, do your stuff!

    I heard that he will be announcing his decision on Sirius radio - Is that right? Does anyone out there have it?

  13. the Seattle Times confirms that Hartwell decided on Seattle...

    or Atlanta
    (so as if it wasnt obvious enough...we're the other team...that eliminates Cle, KC, Cin, and Ari officially)

  14. Man, I just about wet myself. You got me AGAIN, you prick! :P

  15. The PI says the same thing.

  16. yeah, I meant the PI, not the Times

    im still awaiting on the new Times article...and the Trib should update in about 3 hours

    and I wouldnt joke around with you a nice person ;)

  17. as you can see, im having trouble posting...anyways...

    the Times has just updated a new article..."Linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, who has made 331 tackles the past three seasons for the Baltimore Ravens, will likely decide by today from among the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons and the Seahawks. Hartwell visited with the Seahawks this week. His agent, Harold Lewis, said he was negotiating with more than one team yesterday.

    "We should have something resolved here very, very quickly," he said. "

    also, we may be close to signing Joe Jurivicious...any thoughts?

    (mine: whippty doo)

  18. does anyone else see my 'joe juriviscious post' above this one? I can only see it when i try to post another comment...even when i refresh the main page or the thread, it doesnt show up...

    im confused

  19. ADP - you nearly gave me a heart attack!! Remember, use your powers for GOOD, not EVIL!

    Not sure where you're seeing the PI say he's definitely going to Seattle. This is all I found on the site this morning:

    Free agent linebacker Edgerton Hartwell (Ravens) is expected to decide soon whether to sign with the Seahawks or Atlanta Falcons.

  20. I can see it, ADP. They're still working in the server lag at Blogger.

    I think 'vicious' would be a perfect fit because HE CAN CATCH. Even in the clutch. He's like a poor man's Ed McAffery(sp?).

    I've got the day off today, but to do some remodeling with my son, so I won't be able to scoop the announcement today, It's up to you guys. I WILL have an ear to ESPN Radio's SportsCenter, however.

    Anyone think of making a 'draft' announcement, so you can get a jump on the competition? If there were links to stats and bio and stuff, that would be cool.

    Any way gotta go, happy Friday to all my Seahawks comrades out there, and

    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. from the only decent Atlanta newspaper reference:

    "The team signed safety Ronnie Heard from the San Francisco 49ers to a one-year contract, and are competing with the Seattle Seahawks to land linebacker Edgerton Hartwell of the Baltimore Ravens, considered by many to be the best linebacker in the free agency market."

    this we know...but look at this...

    "We're in negotiating stages with two teams," said Hartwell's agent, Harold Lewis. "I hope something gets resolved very, very quickly. I know where he wants to go and would like to play."


    thats creepy...they picked a team he wants to sign with...but they have to meet his demands...the question is...

    Atlanta? or Seattle?

    screw it. overpay him.

    then again, the way he acted after the visit with Seattle was way different then he did anywhere else. AND the same paper has articles about how Atlanta doesnt have too much to spend, and might not be able to sign a decent named free agent (although, you have to pay 30$ to read it, which i did not)...add to the possibility that he may be taking a bit to sign because Atlanta is the team he wants to go to, and hes waiting for them to negotiate something to fit their cap...but why would Atlanta spend more money on Ronnie Heard? brain hurts...this is serious drama, I feel like im watchin TNT

    on a side note, his website hasnt been updated at all for a year or so, I doubt he checks the email anymore

    plus im sick of talking about him, and he is starting to annoy me

  22. Forget about Hartless!!!

    Let Ruskell have fun in the draft!!!

    Remember he did find a diamond in the rough here in Tampa.

    Derrick Brooks MLB

    Case closed!

  23. the article for the above post: sports/falcons/0305/19falcons.html

    and a FREE article I found talking about Atlanta's "cap issues" could they afford him? and why would they want to spend more money on Heard if they are after Hartwell with restraints?

    if Hartwell really wanted to pick Seattle over Atlanta...why is it taking long if Atlanta is limited? maybe he wants Atlanta...and is waiting for them to come up with the money (i mentioned this earlier, but I stress the confusion it causes) falcons/0305/14falcons.html

    (i put a spaces in the middle of the addresses to avoid margin screwups ;)

  24. im done trying to figure out where this is heading, so im laying back and letting things happen for now

    im turning into Garry (for those that remember him from the PI)

  25. Tampa - does anyone in the draft in particular remind you of Brooks?

    Johnson wont fall to us, so who else could make an immediate impact? not arguing, because I think its possible, but im really asking who do you think could help this team immediate, that has a good chance of landing with us?

  26. I just realized something from reading what was reported in the PI.

    I'll bet NOBODY, us, KC, Atlana, is offering Hartwell what he wants, which is why his agent is running around spreading rumors about which team is "leading" in the hunt for him.

    We're not the only team that has taken notice of what the Pats have done, and perhaps the other FOs are being frugal as well.

    Otherwise, I can't think of why he wouldn't just take the best of the three offers, if they were all close to what he wanted.

  27. It's becoming abundantly clear from all the 'teaser' info from Hartwell's agent that he's not getting what he's asking for ANYWHERE, he's pitting one team against the other in a bidding war noone is engaging in, and he even put in a fake deadline (will decide by this weekend) to add pressure to the suitors.

    I'm beginning to think this agent has a background in used car sales.

    "You'd better hurry - someone just test drove this beauty this moring and is getting financing."

    "I like you, and I'd rather sell this car to you than the other buyer. I'll see what I can do to stall them."

    "This model is the best one in it's class. I've never driven a car that was this nice before. At ten million dollars, it's a bargain."

    "Hi, I'm a lying sonofabitch. I really don't care about anything but extracting money from your bank account, so I'll say anything to get you to overpay for an average car."

    OK, that's probably more than enough on that.

    I have to hand it to Ruskell, though. I would have overpaid for him a week ago. His patience and good judgement in this matter have been extraordinary, and all the more so if Hartwell chooses us an we don't sell the farm to get him.

    Props to Rusky either way.

  28. And Alba's the guy that jumps in the car, drops the top, turns on the stereo, and says "I'll TAKE it!"

    JK Alba.....sorta ;)

  29. Quote of the week.....

    "OK's St Patty's Day, time to tie one on and write the BIG Check like a drunken sailor on shore leave!"

    Remember all that guy gets is an STD and a tatoo of Mike Martz on his ass.

  30. Sorry Alba, but yer rubbin' off on me.

  31. Remember all that guy gets is an STD and a tatoo of Mike Martz on his ass.

    Bravo...Bravisimo...Encore, Encore!

  32. Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week. And don't forget to look yer wiatress in the face. :)

  33. OK, lol, that exchange was one for the archives ;)