Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Well, Vinny wanted this posted so this one's for you...

Former #1 draft pick of the Cleveland Browns, Courtney Brown (DE 6'4" 280 lbs), is visiting with Seattle. Brown has missed 33 games (that's thirty-three freakin' games) in the last 4 seasons (slighly over half of the team's games). Of course Seattle will be looking carefully and probing intently into his injuries. Washington, Denver, and Jacksonville have already expressed interest, with the 'Skins, and Bucky's old team offering incentive laden contracts. The Browns would like to resign him as well.

Also scheduled for visits are DE Marcellus Wiley, who seems to have a ton of talent but has seriously under acheived in recent seasons, and ex-Saint WR Jerome Pathon. Pathon, you may remember played for the Huskies, and fought his way into the NFL. Pathon is a legit deep threat, possessing great speed, but average size.

Seahawks RG in recent years, Chris Gray is visiting with the SF 49ers, and IMO they can keep him.

Also, the league awarded the 'Hawks a 3rd and a 7th round pick as compensation for departures during FA last year. That gives the 'Hawks 9 picks, and 5 of the top 100 selections. So this draft has potential, no?

ESPN also reported that the 'Hawks have hired Mike Reinfeldt full-time as the vice president of football administration. Is this new, or have we already covered it here?



    Where are the pictures?
    Where's the catchy headline?
    Where's the humorous tie in?

    There's a Topic on Courtney Brown from last week, but it didn't get much play since everyone was still in mid-Hartwell-hysteria.

    Marcellus Wiley's best days may be behind him, so he's not worth much in terms of cap space and picks.

    Jerome Pathon could be interesting.

    Good news about giving Reinfeldt a real desk and chair...after the rabbit he pulled out of his hat on the eve of the free agency deadline, we should just put his name up there on the Ring of Honor!

    (ok, a little carried away, but I like the guy.)

  2. Pictures and the like will come later, when I've had more time to familiarize my self with html language and what not. Today is a busy day for me, I have to defend a thesis. I will make an effort to be less boring in the future ;o (that's me yawning, too.)

  3. I'd like to hear that there is a visit from Will Witherspoon coming. I think he's the LB that could really help us right away. He stuffs the run, he can cover, he can get to the QB and he's only 24. He's restricted and would be a third round pick for compensation, but we just happened to get an extra third rounder today. Plus, Carolina is only 3.4 mil under the cap (according to Clayton's last update on Mar 4), so it wouldn't be too hard to make an offer that they couldn't match.
    I think he's definitely worth a third rounder. Anyone else think he'd be worth it?

  4. I like the Witherspoon idea, I like what i've read about him antway. Let's hope the Hawks keep interviewing till they get the right guy, and not panic and grab the first guy that says yes.

    I think we may have dodged a bullet with Hartwell.

  5. If we hire Courtney Brown, I hope he comes with spare parts.

    Last I heard Washington and Denver were chasing him hard and we just had an outside shot.

    Marcellus Wiley? I know nothing. Anyone got an outdated scouting report on him?

    Jerome Pathon? Can he catch? If he can catch, SIGN HIM!!!

    Change the locks while Chris Gray is gone. Leave a note, saying, "Gone to find Shaun a hole to run through on the RIGHT side."

    I'm REALLY looking forward to the draft now. The 7th rounder is a waterboy, but Ruskell has had good success with rounds 2-4.

    Welcome home, Rhino. Thank you for saving our big three and probably the season. The fact that we have cap room left is freakin' amazing.

  6. If we hire Courtney Brown, I hope he comes with spare parts.

    OK, you just made me spit coffee all over my monitor....thru my nose! That's freakin funny stuff!

  7. Here we go with the "deadlines" again...

    NFL | Brown Decision Coming Soon - from www.KFFL.com
    Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:57:23 -0800

    Jody Foldesy, of the Washington Times, reports free agent DE Courtney Brown (Browns) is expected to make a decision by Thursday, March 24, on where he will play in 2005, according to a Washington Redskins source. The Redskins are among several suitors to strike a deal with Brown.