Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Herndon Thru The Grapevine

Hawks Hire Herndon
By John Clayton,

The Seattle Seahawks hope they have filled their second most important defensive need Wednesday by reaching a five-year, $15 million deal with Broncos cornerback Kelly Herndon that includes a $4.5 million signing bonus.

The reason that they can only hope to fill the need is they have to wait seven days to see if they get the Denver Broncos cornerback. Herndon is a restricted free agent even though he doesn't require any draft compensation from the Seahawks. The Broncos have seven days to match the offer or let him go to the Seahawks.

Herndon played 99 percent of the Broncos' defensive snaps last season even though he was projected to be the No. 3 cornerback behind Champ Bailey and Lenny Walls. According to Stats Inc., Herndon led the league with 23 passes defensed and had only 51 percent of the passes thrown in his direction completed.

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  1. great looking out, Alba

    i love the title of the thread you come up with some good ones...I had my friends laughing about the 'Ken "a brother get some money" Lucas one earlier today...

    Herndon is a decent player, but I dont think he replaces Lucas...but him or Taylor HAVE to be the starter opposite of Trufant now...if we picked someone else up, Kelly would drop to 4th, and we certainly arent paying him to play that low in the depth chart...

    basically, I think our secondary has downgraded...Kelly is good, but he isnt enough to fill in for Lucas...hopefully he'll prove me wrong...either way its better getting a decent corner then no corner at all, am i right?

    for anyone who may criticize me for saying he is a downgrade, please read the last sentence of the previous paragraph

  2. I like to hear 99% of the snaps, given our injury plague last season, and anyone who plays a season with Champ Bailey can't help but get better.

  3. we got him locked...the Seattle Times reports that the Broncos are expected to decline matching the offer...

    so we get Herndon for draft compensation...much better

    but i want to know about HARTWELL!!! grrrrrrr our FO is very quiet...they need to spill their guts...or allow me to do that FOR THEM

  4. "Ohhh I Herndon on the grapevine, the Hawks are gonna be fine...."

  5. If Denver decides not to match the offer, then he's ours WITHOUT any draft compensation, since he was an undrafted free agent.

    That's ever BETTER!

  6. Does anyone else fear we overpaid this guy? The one saving grace for the front office moving so slowly, at least in my mind, was that we were not overpaying anyone. Now I fear we have.

  7. I'm thinkin' they know what they're doing.
    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt at this point. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
    I'm not going to start neigh saying now.

  8. Vin, you've been right so far, I hope you are with this too.

  9. Don't worry too much about the contract. Football contracts are like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus...after a few years, they're pretty much a fantasy. The biggest numbers are the signing bonus, and the first couple of years. After that, everything is negotiable. As someone pointed out, I like the fact that it's for FIVE years so it further staggers out our Free Agent situations, with guys like Tru coming due next year.

  10. I never got to say that I like this signing,he's a solid corner
    and with a good pass rush he can be a good corner.Like I always say
    pass rush,pass rush,pass rush.need more.