Monday, March 28, 2005

Seahawk Busts!

With the draft quickly approaching, and not too much other news happening, I thought we might take a stroll down memory lane, or should I say, memory alley, and see if we can agree on the worst Seahawks draft selection of the past.

Is it "The Boz", the dominant college linebacker, with a size large ego, and Bo Jackson treadmarks down his back?

Is it Rick Mirer?...Kelly Stouffer?...Dan McGwire?...or any of our other failed top pick QB projects over the years?

Are there others not mentioned above, who were draft day hotties, but turned into trailer trash by training camp?

Our new front office staff seems pretty well prepared for this year's draft, so I know we're all confident that we should have no problem breaking this vicious cycle!


  1. C'mon, you make it sound like we're the only team to have it's share of busts. Every team in teh NFL could list a group that size, many even larger lists.

    But I agree, the powers that be will continue to add to our talent pool. Guys like Tru, Ken, Micheal, Hutch and Jones(to name a few)

  2. C'mon, Vin, put down the Kool-ade for a minute and lighten up.

    First, the main reason for the post was so I could use the pick I found of the SeaGal spilling out of her SeaBra!

    Second, I thought it'd be great to exorcize a few of our historical demons so we could go into the Draft with a clean slate and a pure spirit!

    Third of all, I knew it would bug you!

    Sorry everyone for hosing up the site today.

  3. No one's said anything yet, but I want that cycle.

  4. I figure Dan McGuire is the easiest to pick as the biggest flop, in fact she's a little to easy to pick.

    For that reason, I'll go against the grain, and surprise nobody by picking Jeremy Stevens. Yeah, lets trade down so that we cannot draft Daniel Graham, and then reach for that worthless bucket of Stevens, who didn't deserve to go in the first round at all.

    He doesn't even have any bowstaff skills.

  5. I pick Dan McGuire because we passed up Favre for him. But Boz is awful tempting, because his college rep was so turgid.

  6. I don't classify the Boz as a bust, injuries really killed him. I think without the injuries, he might replace Chad as the best Hawks backer ever.

  7. Pavillion - thanks for noticing. I was hoping folks would click through on that final link. I couldn't believe it when I saw it myself. I was searching for Seahawks images on yahoo, and there it was, this tricked out rod with the pissed-off-hawk logo. SWEET RIDE INDEED!


    awesome article based on possible targets in EVERY round (seperated by positions we need upgrades in)...good in case anyone wants to do some scouting on possible mid round picks

    oddly enough, they left out ILB for some reason...but i guess we know the possible targets there

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  10. 12 Seahawks Street gets EDUCATIONAL!!!

    Woo! ;)