Monday, March 21, 2005

Top Players Available In The Draft

at the request of someone (have no idea which one of you)

I have found a list of the top Prospects available...its the best I could find, gives a mini scouting report on each player, and their projected rankings. The only thing it does not show is the Combine results (but some have their 40 times)...but hey, its better then nothing! When or if I find another draft ranker, complete with bigger scouting reports and combine results, idd add that to this thread

click on the headline for the link, so i dont screw up the margins

P.S. Merriman's scouting report hasn't been made yet...but he is 19th overall


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  7. Well if you're done.

    Heres my pick for MLB in the draft...
    Barrett Ruud, Neb 6-1 240
    runs a 4.6 40 and his skills are compared to Zach Thomas.

    DE-Shaun Cody, USC 6-4 292
    4.9 40, compared to Trevor Pryce.

    OLB-Darryl Blackstock, Va 6-3 233
    4.7 40, compared to Rosevelt Colvin

  8. I'm not saying we should or could get 'all' these guys, but they would be my picks at their respective positions.

  9. Bah, I'd like to point out, again, that stealing other sites bandwith is a BAD IDEA. Regardless of the fact that it may be the Times/PI/whatever, it takes next to nothing to save the picture and then upload it to some free image service, something like . Then, the html is already done for you as well.

    People will retaliate for stealing their bandwith, usually by changing the linked image to something not so pretty (goatse, tubgirl, the pain series, etc).

  10. JFK - to be honest, if you're talking to me...I have no idea what you're talking about not computer savvy (no kiddin)

    Vinny - I doubt Cody will fall to us...we would reach a little to get Rudd...but Blackstock's stock is rising...I wouldn't mind any of them, and they are all realistic to fall to us, unlike Merriman

    if we weren't so desperate for MLB...I would say Blackstock out of those guys...but if not, I say the best MLB available, whether it Rudd or someone else (personally, he needs to change his name...sounds like trailor park trash)

  11. OK, just because I'm more than a tad anal retentive, spent a lot of time finding this image, and since you can't post a picture in a Comment, here is the picture that I thought was perfect for the original title of this topic.

  12. I think the best available is the way to go,but here are mines.

    Kevin Burnett,olb Tennessee
    Odell Thurman,MLB Georgia
    Thomas Davis,OLB/safety Georgia
    Shawn Cody DT/DE USC
    Mark Clayton,WR/OU
    Roddy White WR/UAB
    Johnathan Goddard OLB Marshall
    Goddard played De in college lead
    the NCAA in sacks.

    Matt Jones WR/TE Arkansas
    Played QB at the college,ran a
    4.37 at 6,6 240 may be taken early

    Mitch Meeuwson S,Oregon state
    I have seen alot of him good player wasn't invited to the combine,ran a 4.52 on pro day
    at 6,2 233

    Johnathaan Babineaux DT
    small but disruptive,6,2 286

    Michael Roos,T/Eastern Washington
    Good size good talent,plus my cousin is head coach at EWU and said he is very good.

    I just figured these guys were worth mention being good talents
    to lick up in later rounds.considering there are more
    then one round.

  13. OOhhhhh! Draaaaft! I get it nyuk nyuk.

    And AD, the Sporting news has Shaun Cody going at the 22nd pick, with Dan Cody going at the 15th, I think we could get Shaun witha little luck. However I may have to take him off the list since we may be getting either Courtney Brown or Marcellus Wiley, depending on how their visits go.

    And I can't beleive no one's put their visits out as a topic.

  14. I like the idea of Barret Ruud, but it would be a reach. He's one of those "Born Leader" types, but at the combine his 40 was closer to the 4.7-4.8 sec range, rather than 4.6. That said, he managed to cover Taylor Stubblefield one on one during the Senior Bowl.

    I still like David Pollack. Especially in light of Dilfers comments, and now Okeafors as well. We should no longer overlook attitude and focus on athletic ability, look at where that's gotten us with Jeremy Stevens, Chris Terry etc.

    I know I was in support of Terry earlier, but he has been cut, so please don't take the previous comment as some sort of flip flopping, since I didn't cut him.

    Anyhow, Pollack has been called the hardest worker in the draft, and I think he could really find a niche as a DE/OLB tweener.