Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Seahawk Memories: Kenny Easley

Talk about a wicked hit down memory lane -- I found this tribute to Kenny Easley over at Becky's Place.

To be honest, he was my favorite player back then -- closely followed by Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Brian Millard, Curt Warner and John L. Williams.

They don't make Seahawks like they used to.

Check it out, it's a MUST READ for Seahawks fans. Especially if your name is Michael Boulware or Ken Hamlin.


  1. Yes, I meant to put Curt Warner on there twice. He was friggin' AWESOME!!!

  2. Reminds me of one of my favorite bits of dialogue from the movie "Blazing Saddles".

    There's a line of "bad guys" waiting to interview for a position on the "goon squad" and the interview asks: "Qualifications for being a bad guy?" to which the hoodlum responds: "rape, arson, murder and rape."

    The interview says, "you said rape twice" and the hoodlum replies "I LIKE RAPE!!!"

    My college friend Dusty and I used to always greet each other with the link "Qualifications for being a bad guy?" instead of hello.

    This exchange, and the entire movie for that matter, doesn't translate well into this new-found era of Political Correctness, but it's still hysterical.

  3. Becky's site is another great independent site, in fact, before I started reading the PI, that was the main place I went for Seahawks opinion commentary.

  4. I like that they're comparing Hamlin to the next Easley, however he's got some huge shoes to fill, but he's making a good impression so far.

    Who knows maybe this group will be known as the next great Hawk team.
    Matt-Jim, ?-Largent, Ken-Kenny, Tubbs-Tez....etc.

  5. Alba, ya gotta love Brooks as teh Governor too....."Work, work, work, work, work....."

    Or Brooks as the King in The History of the World Part One.

    Two great lines....

    Brooks?:"It's good ta be da King!

    Harvey Corman:"The peasants are revolting Sire!" Brooks:"Yer tellin' me! They stink on ice!"

  6. Jerehme Urban - Next Largent?

  7. Honestly, I've got goosebumps reliving the memories I have of the great Kenny Easley.

    Quick, I have to tell my favorite all time Easley story.
    Seattle is at home against the Broncos, Easley is returning punts, and WHAP. He gets hits HARD by a Broncos special teams guy who himself returns kicks. (Don't remember his name offhand). Easley is KO'd litterally, knocked out for about five minutes. When he comes back in much later in the game, everyone can see he's out for blood. Sure enough, his first chance he gets to come back into the game is on special teams, we're kicking off and what's his name is returning. The Bronco catches the ball, takes about a step and a half then is struck by a streak of blue that seems to materialize from nowhere and which hits him so hard, I thought he might have been killed, literally. Easley hit that guy so hard I really thought he may have killed him. Noone thought Easley would be back in the game after getting KO'd and that pathetic Bronco is still hurting from the hit he took as a result of messing with the streak. It was so awesome!

  8. Thanks Monkey...that story has me so fired up I think I'll cold-cock someone on the way home from work!

  9. LOL!

    "Com'ere, fido!"

    "Yip, yip, yip!"


    There. Now it's out of my system, too.