Sunday, March 13, 2005

Got Pork?

Womack Re-Signs with Seahawks!

While we are all still hungry for some defensive help, Seattle seems to have locked up another key player, and a versatile cog in our offensive machine.

It seems that Ruskell and company are not only "talking the talk" but "walking the walk" of resigning quality character guys who are more interested in playing for a TEAM than in lining their pockets with the most free agent cash.

Gone are "Pay-me" Okeafor and "Ken a brother get some cash" Lucas.

While Mili and Womack are not coveted free agents on the open market, like a Hartwell or a Dyson, having them re-commit to Seattle is an major step in reconstructing this team around attitude as much as around skill.

It's also getting the foundation bricks set properly so when we start adding the upper floors, through free agency or the draft, there's a solid base on which to build.

Being an East coaster, I sure would like things to happen faster, but I really like the way they're unfolding, so I'm learning to be a bit more patient.


  1. The Got Pork? title is a link to the News Tribune story. The direct link is below:

  2. Now, if they will just decide to do the right thing with Pork Chop and quit using him as a fill in at the tackles. Given a full season of work at RG I think he will solve many of the right side of the line problems. I still hope that we find a way to get Turley to replace Terry, then our line will be truly solid.

  3. I'm new to the board and don't want to ruffle any of the long-timers' feathers, but what's with all the Turley talk? I thought he was done with a bum back. Is this just someone's wet dream or is he going to play?

    The Pork Chop signing is nice though. He is already a solid guard when he gets a chance. A whole camp at guard, instead of filling in for Jonesy, can only make him better. Plus, in a pinch, he can sub at tackle.

  4. Great signing,this guy has always play good where ever we put him I
    thought we should have signed him sooner.
    I don't think Terry is a bad tackle,he very solid when healthy.
    Turley is done,he may not even play again and you want to sign him.

  5. "'Ken a brother get some cash' Lucas"...excellent!

    Well, the trend continues. The offensive players are lining up to avoid a change of residence while the defense can't get out of town fast enough.

    Would you rather build the O or the D through the draft? It's clear that the Hawks are, whether intentional or not, drafting defensive players and re-signing veteran offensive players. Personally, I'd like to see it a little more balanced. They're going to be really young on D next year.

    PS: Where in the world is Edgarton Hartwell?

  6. Shonuff, I don't want the 'hawks to sign Turley, I just see his name in quite a few posts and was wondering if I missed something, that's all. Aside from questionable mental balance issues I'm satisfied with Terry.

  7. Alba-- you continue to impress me with each post...'Ken a brother get some money' Lucas is wow...haha

    Mfan-- Hartwell is probably busy smoking a bowl with Jamal, Kyle, and that hippy Ogden...but seriously, I havent heard anything on him in a few days for any team, so who knows

    I imagine his agent's office is very busy, he must work quietly...

  8. First of all where'd you hear that Turley was probably done? I haven't seen that anywhere.

    And second, I like his intensity, dedication and love for the game.

    Not to mention the fact that he HATES Mad Mike Martz.

  9. And it's pretty much a done deal with Womack taking his spot at RG, if not for Jones' hold outs, he'd have had that spot the last two years.

    And I'm with monkey, i want Turley at the LT spot.

  10. Sho,I'll ask oyu since you seem so positive, where'd you hear about Turley?

  11. >>>Alba I'm learning to be a bit more patient.

    Yep, ya learned from the best! :)

  12. Here is where the Turley talk started in this blog:

    Availability of Kyle Turley

    There is a lot of specualtion that he has burned his bridge in St. Loser, but he probably won't be cut until this summer.

    I hadn't heard anything about his back either. Are you sure you're thinking of the right player?

  13. Something I read recently which may or may not be of interest.

    CLEVELAND -- Injury-plagued defensive end Courtney Brown will be released on Monday by the Cleveland Browns if the club is unable to restructure the former No. 1 overall draft pick's contract.

    He's always hurt it seems, but he is young and was taken high in the draft and still has tons of upside. If he does get cut maybe we could pick him up cheap? Who knows, maybe a waste of money, but then again, maybe a great investment.

    BTW, Bluefoot, it seems that people here aren't really reading the catch all thread. I am not sure why, I personally love the idea. Perhaps a better sticky thread, or one to supliment the catch all thread, would be one which is devoted to rumors. I don't know, just offering a suggestion, since that seems to be the thing which garners the most interest here. It also seems that most of us are doing the types of posts which the catch all was designed for on the most recent or hottest current threads, which sort of defeats the purpose of not only the catch all, but also the topic specific threrad as well. It seems that folks aren't sticking to the topics but are sort of rambling like they did at the P-I. I don't know if that's good or bad, just the way it seems to be going.

  14. A couple of other rumors(?) that I have heard that may be interesting.

    Seattle plans to meet with former Baltimore Ravens starter Travis Taylor. The veteran free agent is scheduled to visit Seattle next week, sources confirmed Friday.

    The Seahawks’ long-expected visit with Kelly Herndon is set for Monday.
    Seattle also remains interested in Andre Dyson, although some expect him to re-sign with Tennessee or possibly replace Fred Smoot in Washington.

    Doug Flutie may be the fall back option at #2 since we failed to sign Garcia.

    Hartwell is expected to visit Seattle on Monday, IF he doesn't sign with one of the teams he's already visited before that.

  15. Hartwell in Seattle Monday!!!

    To quote a new, popular Seahawks LB, "YESSSS!!!!"

    hartwell, Hartwell, HARTWELL!!! H A R T W E L L ! ! ! !

  16. Agreed on the CA thread, monkey.

    About the rambling, off topic stuff -- It's all good. The thread is what you make it. If a conversation deviates from a topic, there's no harm. The topic obviously needed to be brought up.

    The problem is that sometimes whan a good conversation is going, it gets 'bumped' by the next topic and it loses continuity. I haven't got a good answer to that yet, unless I add a PhP board area to the blog, which can sort posts by last comment date.

    Oh well, I would just keep posting and not worry about it. Things like this sometimes work themselves out when the users get past the 'get used to' period. I'm going to experiment with the PhP area, though. It will take a while to set up. It's one of those deals where if it's used, leave it, if it ain't, delete it.

    I have to say, I'm quite pleased with the 'shout out' box, though. It has a certain niche here.

    One thing I'm going to try next is dedicating the poll that currently resides in the margin to a specific thread. That way it will speed up main page loading and I won't have to refresh the template and republish the whole site with every new poll question. I can just leave it. We'll see how it goes.

    I like the idea of a sticky rumor thread. Let's try it.

    Keep the suggestions coming, guys! Noone has a monopoly on good ideas!

    Well, look who just took this WAAAAY of topic! :)

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  18. wait, I just noticed tomorrow is Monday...

    bake him a cake now!!!

  19. iouaehrvfouaehrvouhaervouhSCREWED UP THE MARGINS AGAINoiaeroe0ijr


  20. damnit I hate that! lol

    i keep forgetting completely about it...

    i apologize Blue...again

  21. They said when he got hurt that he could be done for good.But every time You see a lineman with that bad of back problems he does not have much left,why sign a player with a bad back it would just be another guy on our tainers table.
    I hate Mike Martz do you want me to start at right tackle.
    Why spend extra money on a long shot?When we have a good right tackle already.

  22. Sho because as you said we have a 'GOOD' RT and we need a great one, and I wasn't aware Turley's back was as bad as you say.

    If he's such a long shot, then i'll agree with you. But if he's healthy he's a huge improvement over Terry.