Tuesday, March 29, 2005

King Of Crap

A mini-thread...Someone tell me why Shaun King is visiting Seattle

if this is our way of getting a veteran backup QB...ill stick with Seneca
if this is our way to steal a Cardinal for revenge...its quite ok, really

opinions? oh, and in case you missed it, or somehow don't know by now, COURTNEY Brown went to Denver (YAY, he didnt come here!)


  1. Three reasons

    1. he's an ex-Tampa Bay player, and Ruskell won't be happy until we're renamed the Sea-Bucs

    2. he's got starting experience and is one of the better veteran QBs who's still available.

    3. Ruskell knew it would bother you!

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  3. Payroll - where ja hear Shaun King was visiting? Looked up his stats, 3 games in 2004, 2 starts, 3 losses, 4 ints, 1 td. Not exacly gold bond insurance if you ask me!

  4. click the link on the thread...its at the bottom of the article