Saturday, March 19, 2005

'Vicius' Rumors?

It looks like the Seahawks and Joe Jurevicius are getting serious. According to the Tampa Tribune, the clutch receiver has been in town since Tuesday, and is only going back to attend a boat show he comitted to with Bucs fullback Mike Alstott. This is interpreted by the article as "heavy courting" by the Seahawks.

In any case, it certainly seems Ruskell is putting his 'stamp' on the Seahawks roster.

Does anybody have any scouting info on Joe? It seems that since the WCO is not so much a vertical passing game, that he might be a good fit. He is known for good hands, which we so desperately need. But he's coming up on his ninth year, which is usually near the end of most receivers of his caliber.

But if he can catch, he's an upgrade. Any thoughts?


  1.'re on fire with the headlines...keep it going dude!

  2. Sid Vicius was great while he was with the Giants, and clutch with the Bucs, so I think he'll be a good addition.

    He's also one of those quality of character guys, with a great work ethic, who hopefully will rub off on our guys.

    We'd better install some vertical passes in our system, cuz as it stands now, we won't be able to STOP anyone, so we'll have to score on every possession!

  3. depends on what jersey number he wants

    otherwise, pretty good

  4. Payroll...LOL...sounds like you're lightening up!

  5. alba, let's hope you are right, but I'm not as optimisitc. We saw how well Rice rubbed off on our boys didn't we.

    Seemed more like our boys rubbed off on Rice. They gave him an awesome case of the mysterious disease known as the Great Northwestern Banana Hand Syndrome. This affliction is obviously contagious, so hopefully Joe's shots are more up to date than Jerry's were.

    Another really awesome signing by our really awesome FO. Gag.

  6. Say Aldo, I'll just follow you around asking the same question....
    Who would you have signed......We'll wait........

  7. Remember, this isn't Madden or ESPN Football, we have a cap.

  8. Well Vincent Invasion, I'll follow you back here too. At WR we didn't need to sign anybody. If you're so concerned with cap (and BTW, there's a cap in ESPN and Madden too), why waste any cap space on a guy you don't need? And if you need answers to all of your questions, just tell me why, in your opinion (and remember that blogs are mostly people's opinions) the Darby and Jurevicius signings are good for the team. Are we switching from the 4-3 to a 6-1?

    Did you get the obscure musical reference (like Aldo Nova)?

  9. See, this how you answer a question..(something 'you' haven't done yet)

    1)You don't think we need a WR?

    Seems to me we need to keep looking till we find one that can catch the freakin' ball, wouldn't you say?

    2)Maybe Darby is injury insurance, or maybe we're moving a DT to DE, or maybe their thinking of pushing the guys to improve their play in camp, or maybe ........well you get the idea.

    3)'Vicious, Well lets see...the most drops by any WR corp in the NFL(costing us a handful of games last season), and no one to push our starters to improve, or to keep their roster spots.

    See that's how ya answer questions..not with another question(as you did above), but to give some INput into the conversation instead of just jumping in to complain.....As you said.."...remember blogs are mostly people's opinions.".....but a bunch of whining and bitchin' doesn't mean anything unless the guy's got something to contribute.(but that's probably just me)

    I quess if the rest of the guys here are willing to let you just sit here and complain without any contributions then it's cool with me.

    But me, I prefere a little something to backup my statements, or at least have a solution in mind.
    I beleive if ya can't do better..shut the f*** up!

    And right now I don't think anyone could be doing better than the FO guys are with what they had to work with.

    Now that's Vicious!

  10. I agree with ya Vin,rumor has it that the Texans want Bernard and we would get some comp if that were true.I have noticed underachieving pro athletes need
    to be pushed.Look at Drew Brees
    was bad before he got pushed for his starting job,Dilfer took the starting job here and got hurt but hass took the starting job back.

    You guys want us to sign Hartwell so bad but there is a reason nobody has signed him.That reason is because he is pricing himself out of the market,remember he was a two down run stuffer in baltimore
    not an every down linbacker.The money he wants he has to be able to be more then a two down runstuffer.

  11. I'm amazed at your obstinance, Nova.

    Yes we do need improvement in the WR core. Where were you the last three seasons?

    Shonuff is right that we may be losing Bernard. Picking up Darby is prudent. If anything, he will compete for the position in training camp. It's pretty normal to start with five DT's or more, and when it's time to pare the roster down to 53, the best will stay. And no, we're not going to run a 6-1 defense. This is all normal stuff. Quit overreacting.

    Have you got anything to contribute, OTHER THAN CRITICISM?

    Oh, that's right. Obscure musical reference. Yeeeee-haw.

  12. Is THAT what the 'Vincent Invasion' thing meant?

    Obscure! That was just plain out there!