Friday, March 25, 2005

*sniff sniff* Is that a contract year I smell?Part 2 or I didn't know they could pile crap that high. or Monkey's just gotta rant!

What did I say?
I predicted that the media would soon be tripping over themselves trying to write feel good stories about K Rob's efforts to "turn over a new leaf". Now has an article on Robinson, Len Pasquerelli has an article on Robinson, and believe me, these are just the first of many such tender, feel good, B.S. articles to come. *sniff sniff* I smell something and it smells like contract year, media hype, crap.
Here's a quote from K Rob that is just so darn contrite I almost believe he really means it and isn't just trying to remake his image for the contract year.
"Just be accountable," says Robinson. "This is my life, this is my career, and I've been taking it for granted. I think everything that happened in 2004 happened for a reason: so I could wake up. I just had a birthday, I turned 25, and I feel like I really am maturing right now. I guess it took me four years to really get it, and it took the 2004 season for me to open up my eyes and see that I am truly blessed to be in the NFL and with the Seattle Seahawks."

I'm gagging over here, the phony B.S. is piled too high, I can't stand the stench!

If you fellow Seahawk fans fall for this act and buy into this crap, don't say you weren't warned, he will only break your heart in the end.
If you fans think that Robinson is truly suddenly waking up and that we'll ever see the benefits of having drafted him, wake up, it's only a contract year.

The most we will ever see out of our investment into this waste of space is one good year, this year, his contract year. He'll have this one good season then poof, he'll be gone leaving Seattle fans holding the bag, and wondering why Holmgren wasted so much time and effort on him. And that's the good part, because it would only be worse if the team were stupid enough to believe that he really has changed and resign him. I praythat the F.O. isn't that dumb!
Robinson has stolen three years worth of first round draft pick contract money, now he will put together one good season, do just enough to get his big payday and he'll depart laughing at all the suckers who bought into his "opened eyes". Just remember when he leaves us empty handed and heads off to some place out east like Carolina with a big fat new paycheck, I told you so!


  1. Same ol' monkey, now we have to listen to you piss and moan no matter how Koren does this season, if he chokes and backslides you'll be..."I told ya so, didn't I tell ya!....yada yada yada.

    If he kicks ass and puts up his best numbers in his career you be..."Yeah but it's a contract year, he's just doing it to get a bigger check...." blah blah blah.

    And if we go to the Super Bowl with the contribution of his numbers.....What then?

    One thing I never did was accuse Shaun of having his best season ever due to it being a contract year....but it fits the scenario.

    I just hope Koren has a great season and is over his troubles. Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and productive. And I'm glad Mike helped him instead of throwing him to the wolves.

  2. What next monkey? Throwing feces through the cage bars? :)

  3. No offense monkey, but you don't know KRob. You may know of him, or people like him, but that doesn't mean he isn't salvagable. Don't get me wrong, he may do exactly what you say, and he may not, who knows.

    Give the guy a fucking chance, everyone fucks up, including myself. I really bombed my second quarter of college, mainly because I let the newfound "freedom" go to my head, and I neglected my studies.

    It took a year off for me to realize just how stupid what I did was, and now I am a 4.0 student, soon to be transferring to the UW.

    I changed, and I was given a second chance.

    Don't rag on him just because he fucked up last year, if Ruskell, and Holmgren believe in him, then he's not completely bad.

    I will believe in him as long as he dedicates himself to the game, and stays clean. If he fucks up again, well, no one deserves unlimited chances. But, he'd most likely catch on to another team (lol) eventually.

    I hate to sound like the patron saint of underacheiving football players, but if he quells his demons, and he starts playing to his potential, I would have no problem with Seattle resigning him.

  4. C'mon Monkey, how can ya argue with JFK? :)

  5. And if we go to the Super Bowl with the contribution of his numbers.....What then?
    Then he'll finally have earned at least one of his paychecks. And then he'll turn around and go to the highest bidder, and I will be soooo happy to be rid of his useless punk ass.

  6. Give the guy a fucking chance, everyone fucks up, including myself.

    I did, I gave three straight years worth of chances and he blew all of them, in fact he got progressively worse each year.

  7. What next monkey? Throwing feces through the cage bars? :) Maybe, if it makes for an interesting post!

    I gotta be honest with you Vinny, I'm not really as angry about Robinson as I act, the truth is I really don't care much at all. I just hate being manipulated by the media, it sickens me and I feel they are complicit in Robinsons designs to fool us.
    Besides, sometimes I write posts where I attempt to sound witty or knowledgeable and sometimes it's just plain fun to let loose and rip on something that irritates me. Besides, if it's controversial (see Alexander post yesterday) it will get read and increase readership at this site. ;) And that's really what I'm after.

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  9. Just went to and haven't read the article yet, but just looking at the close up of K-Rob made me think of another WR with a checkered past who pulled it together in his career...Andre "Bad Moon" Risen.

    Now, I'm hoping that some chick with a condom in her glasses doesn't torch K-Rob's place, but if he can put the past behind him like Mr. Risen did, and become a consistent and productive threat on the field, then I'm all for rehabilitation!

  10. OK, I just watched the video of the interview with K-Rob and have three observations:

    1. I can see why Holmgren likes him, he's got a very likable manner about him.

    2. Did you notice the size of his HANDS??!! My GAWD!

    3. Someone tell Mike Brown we love the player interviews, but we don't need to see EVERYONE do 15 chin ups...try a different camera angle now and then!

    And to support my earlier observation, click on the links below and judge for yourself:

    Andre Rison


    Separated at birth?

  11. "I did, I gave three straight years worth of chances and he blew all of them, in fact he got progressively worse each year."

    But what if he really has turned a corner now. Hell, he moved his mom, and his kid over here, that is a huge step.

    People change, and people grow up. I'm not going to berate the guy for his mistakes, but like John Hammond (from Jurrasic Park), I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask them to pay for them. He lost a bunch of money last year, respect of his coaches and fans, and maybe even himself.

    Perhaps it's finally snapped him out of it.

    It's funny, people complaign about there being too much bad news, and apparently, too much "good" news.


  13. I'm all about second chances (and third and fourth) especially for someone wearing a Seahawks uniform. The two big names that come to my mind are Favre and Carter. Brett Farve had a huge alcohol problem, was a big partier in college and became a bigger partier with the Falcons. But he turned it around and is now in the discussion as one of the ten best QB's ever. Chris Carter had a huge drinking problem as well, and ultimately it led to his being cut from the Eagles. He moved on to Minnesota, where all he did was catch touchdowns.

    Not saying Koren will do the same, especially in a Hawks uni, but I give him the benefit of a doubt.

  14. Pavillion: Excellent point about Chris Carter!

    Not only did he turn his OWN career around, but he was a tremendous influence on a young Randy Moss. Just ook at what happened to Mr. Moss after Carter retired.

    Hopefully, Joe Juriviscus will be a good influence on our young WRs, Koren included, ala Chris Carter.

  15. So has everyone seen the video now? What did you think?