Tuesday, March 29, 2005

T-I-M Spells TEAM!

Our new GM just used the word "team" twenty-one times in this article on Seahawks.com!


He's so fond of this word that I believe that's how his first name should be pronounced!

T-I-M spells TEAM!

This is a great article which covers everything from Jurivicus to Holgren to Hartwell to Reinfeldt...almost every key Seahawk and almost-Seahawk is mentioned...with one notable exception.

I can't wait to see how this all unfolds through the draft and over the summer!


  1. I wouldnt mind having the Bucs' SB defense, but I would rather have our offense over their SB offense any day of the week...

    I think unlike the Bucs, Ruskell was put into a better position with us

    1. simply because he has a higher position in FO, and has more say and flexibility

    2. because we have a much better team then the Bucs had when he arrived there, and our offense is all but set (maybe a T, b-up FB)...he only has half the job to do with us, that being the defense

    I think Ruskell could make us a longtime contender sooner then later, simply because he was given a good team to start with...we probably wouldnt have to wait as long as the Bucs did

    hes not starting from scratch, he has a foundation (especially with our young, good-to-wicked [at times] offensive nucleus)

    so I think he is the perfect fit...and hey...isn't it the 'perfect fit' what hes talking about? ;)

    slick slick slick ;)

  2. I posted this topic before listening to the audio of the press conference, where "he who shall remain nameless" was discussed in some detail.

    Not to turn this into another "San Antonio" thread, but from these comments in the Trib article today, it looks like Seattle expects to trade him...

    “Teams are convincing themselves that there are some great running backs in the draft and ‘We’re going to get one of those and our problems are going to be solved,’ ” Ruskell said. “In reality, when you look at it, you’re only talking about three guys.”

    College prospects Ronnie Brown (Auburn), Cedric Benson (Texas) and Carnell Williams (Auburn) are regarded as impact players at the position.

    “Unless I’m mistaken, they are going to go pretty quick, so not everybody is going to take care of their deal,” Ruskell said. “At that point, I think this thing will start moving again.”

    “No one is really talking,” Ruskell said. “There is just a dance going on right now, a very slow dance and that will pick up.”

    Trades become more likely on draft day. That might be when the running-back market finally gains some momentum.

    “That could easily happen,” Ruskell said. “I can’t predict where or which team or which guy, but that could easily get the ball rolling and then I think you could see it snowball.”

    From this it sounds that Shaun most likely won't make it to Mother's Day as a Seahawk.

  3. I am OK with trading him so long as they stick to the plan (as it seems they are) and don't accept anything less than a first round pick for the guy. Otherwise it's not worth trading him.
    I think you're right alba, I got the sense from that interview that Ruskell wants to trade him as well. Besides after that quote, (theone we have at the bottm of the home page) it's kinda obvious what he thinks about someone who puts stats ahead of winning and even more obvious that that particular quote was aimed squarely at SA. Even though Holmgren made some comments about expecting him to be here next season, I really get the sense that Ruskell has other plans. I sure hope he knows what he's doing!
    Until then, all I can say is pass me some more of that koolaid Ruskell I need another shot.